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We have 199 Masters Degrees in Food Sciences


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Masters Degrees in Food Sciences

We have 199 Masters Degrees in Food Sciences

Masters degrees in Food Sciences study the principles of human food production. These programmes will allow you to explore different forms of commercial food manufacture, the technologies these processes rely upon and the science behind them. Many degrees have clear practical applications, delivering the expertise required by a range of commercial businesses and industries. Others are more theoretical, analysing the technologies used to produce, preserve or transport food and drink. Courses can be taught or research-based, awarding MSc, MRes or MPhil degrees as appropriate. Entry requirements will vary, but you'll normally be expected to have an undergraduate Science degree.

Why study a Masters in Food Sciences?

## Postgraduate training in Food Sciences has lots of obvious (and not so obvious) professional applications. Food production is a big business, with large companies developing new processing methods, or techniques for creating more natural products. Careers are also available in related fields such as agriculture (no pun intended) as businesses and governments seek to find ways of feeding growing and changing populations. Or, with the right Food Science Masters, you could even find work in glamorous and exciting professions such as winemaking or craft beer production (an excellent way to leverage some of the extra-curricular experience you may have developed as a student). A specialist Food Science degree (such as a Masters in Food Hygiene) has its own professional outcomes. You could work with a public health service or cross over into applied fields such as catering or food and beverage quality control.

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