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Teesside University offers a range of postgraduate courses

Teesside University

Teesside University offers a range of postgraduate courses all designed to give you the skills and knowledge to take you and your career to the next level. Full- and part-time routes are available. We offer a range of scholarships to help you with your studies.

Visit the University's postgraduate course pages to explore your options.

Here at Teesside, we offer two main types of postgraduate courses - taught courses and research degrees.

Our taught postgraduate courses normally involve a formal structure of lectures, seminars, lab work (if relevant), projects and a dissertation. You cover more advanced aspects of subjects studied at undergraduate level. You receive credits for each module you pass.

Master's degrees often include intermediate awards such as a postgraduate certificate (60 credits) and a postgraduate diploma (120 credits). For a full master's degree award, you need to successfully complete 180 credits - this includes the core element of advanced independent work, such as a research project or dissertation.

Research degrees involve supervised individual investigation of a subject area culminating in a thesis. Full-time study is about 35 hours a week on research, part-time around 12. 

You can find out more about postgraduate course types here.

We can tell you the price of a postgraduate degree - but that's not the same as its value. You really can't put a price on turning your dream into reality. Investing in a postgraduate degree is a big decision. Teesside University offers a range of scholarships to help support you through your studies.

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Teesside University offers a range of postgraduate courses

In the last few years Teesside University has invested more than £270m in its campus and facilities. A further £300m is set to be spent over the next ten years to further enhance your student experience.

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Teesside University believes that an investment in knowledge pays the best return. By developing your skills, expertise, experience and networks, you show that you're ready for extra responsibilities or a new challenge.

The University's careers service offers an impartial advice service to help you with career decisions, paid and voluntary job opportunities, applications and interviews. The University also hosts an annual careers fair to give you the opportunity to speak to potential employers and find careers, jobs, placements and study opportunities.

Teesside University gives equal consideration to the full range of academic and vocational qualifications - if you're unsure call the course admissions number on the course page of the degree you're interested in.

For more details on postgraduate entry requirements visit the University's website.

Teesside University offers a range of postgraduate courses

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