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Oulu  Finland

Welcome to a new latitude! Would you like to study in Finland under the Northern lights? University of Oulu is a well-ranked Nordic science university - one of the northernmost in the world - located in the city of Oulu, Finland. University of Oulu ranks in the global top 3% of all universities. We encourage every student to reach their full academic potential. Belonging to our academic community is made easy for students. The non-hierarchical relationship between students and teachers is one of our strengths. Oulu is a global technology hub and the European Capital of Culture 2026. Besides being urban, Oulu is also a perfect match for nature lovers during its four seasons. Northern lights can be spotted in wintertime. Oulu has been ranked as the best winter biking city in the world. Oulu is located just a two-hour drive from the Arctic circle.

Why study at the University of Oulu?

International students are particularly pleased with the guidance and counselling offered to them and the quality of accommodation.

The city of Oulu offers balanced student life in clean, safe, nature-like yet urban surroundings where you can enjoy personal freedom.

The University of Oulu offers a high-quality learning experience to its students (ISB Ranking 2023).


postgraduate students




ranked in the top three percent of all universities

Oulu  Finland

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Architecture, Building & Planning (3) Medicine (26) Engineering (12) Education (11) Computer Science (8) Materials Science (24) Economics (10) Business & Management (5) Sociology (33) Geology (18) Environmental Sciences (13) Biological Sciences (4) Finance (14) Information Services (20) Politics & Government (30) Chemistry (6)

About the University of Oulu

Education at the University of Oulu produces science-based academic competence relevant for future working life. One advantage of our multidisciplinary university is the vast selection of minor studies. All students can study a minor in sustainable development.

We aim to provide an excellent student experience and a healthy, diverse community. Our high-quality degree programmes enable a smooth studying process with clear goals and a high success rate at all levels. We encourage our students to take an active role in creating the learning process. The assessment of students reflects this approach.

Our pedagogically skillful staff relies on the latest research knowledge in teaching to create an inspiring studying atmosphere. Student services, learning support tools and facilities are designed to meet the needs of a diverse student population.

Our scientific community creates global impact in research areas of sustainable materials and systems, lifelong health, digitalisation and smart society, climate, and northern environment as well as humans in change. Our scientific findings are often turned into innovations. Every day, three billion people are using technology developed in Oulu.

Ecological, cultural, social, and economic sustainability and responsibility serve as the foundation for all our activities. As one of the northernmost science universities, we have the chance and responsibility to study questions related to the Arctic.

More than 2,500 responsible, world-building professionals graduate from the University of Oulu every year. We are proud of our alumni body of 65,000 individuals having successful careers in the dynamic work market.

Departments at the University of Oulu

The University of Oulu offers a unique study experience for students in its eight faculties. Our teachers are easy to reach in a low hierarchy style. Your fellow students assist you in getting into the science community, and 40 student organisations offer extra-curricular activities throughout the academic year.

All new students receive a student tutor, a senior student, who gives personal assistance online before arrival and in the first months of study in practical matters and getting to know the campus and its people.

Student wellbeing is valued at the University of Oulu. Study and career counselors as well as study psychologists are available to students. The University of Oulu runs a mentoring programme for pairing students with alumni. Oulu has an active startup scene, and the local companies visit the campuses for recruitment events. Two eco-friendly campuses in Linnanmaa and Kontinkangas are equipped with excellent study premises. The main campus in Linnanmaa is known for its colourful architecture. Both campuses offer a well-equipped library, engaging study environments for both group work and self-study as well as restaurants and cafes with affordable prices for students.

The Oulu region is home to 250,000 highly educated people making it the largest urban center in northern Scandinavia. Oulu is a combination of beautiful, northern nature, vivid cultural life, and modern technology. You can reach places in twenty minutes by public transport or using 900 km of roads built for pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Oulu is known for its friendly, easy-going atmosphere.

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