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Masters Degrees in Belgium

We have 200 Masters Degrees in Belgium

Few destinations are as welcoming to international students as Belgium: a multilingual, multicultural country and the seat of the EU parliament. Studying a Masters in Belgium will also give you easy travel access to a range of neighbouring European countries, making for a truly comprehensive study abroad experience.

Why study a Masters in Belgium?

Belgium offers a wide range of options for postgraduate study. The country's two regions both operate their own university streams, giving you the opportunity to study within Flemish (Dutch) or Walloon (French) systems. As well as offering linguistic flexibility, this variety also enhances the other benefits of time spent studying abroad, allowing students to encounter multiple cultural traditions and educational philosophies within the same country. Whichever system you study in you'll gain a high quality and internationally recognised qualification. Of course, Belgium is also famous for its food and drink, with beer and chocolate being particular local specialities (and excellent ways to celebrate academic successes!).

How popular is Masters study in Belgium?

Over 55,000 students study abroad in Belgium.

How long is a Masters degree in Belgium?

Most Belgian Masters programmes last for two years. Courses usually combine taught units with at least one extensive independent research project. Some 'Advanced Masters' programmes run for a single year, but are usually designed for applicants with existing postgraduate qualifications or their equivalent. The academic year in Belgium runs from September to July.

How much does it cost to study a Masters in Belgium?

You can expect to pay up to €3,000 per year as an international postgraduate in Belgium. However, various factors can influence the exact cost of Belgian Masters degrees. Courses in Flemish (Dutch) or French will usually be cheaper than those in English. EU or EEA applicants will usually pay less than international students - the average is between €800 and €900 for European nationals.

Are Belgian Masters degrees taught in English?

Masters degrees in Belgium are usually taught in French or in Flemish (Dutch), according to the region and university stream they are offered within. Some international programmes are offered in English, but these can incur higher fees.

Will I need a visa to study a Masters in Belgium?

EU and EEA citizens can live and study in Belgium without restriction, provided they register their presence in the country. Other international students will need to apply in advance for a student visa. Because Belgium is a member of the Schengen area, your visa will also allow you to travel freely in other Schengen countries.

Learn more about studying a Masters in Belgium

You can read more information about studying a Masters abroad in Belgium in our detailed study guide. This includes additional advice on fees, funding and visa requirements for international students. You can also read our guide to postgraduate life in Belgium, for advice on finding accommodation, budgeting for living costs and making the most of your study abroad experience.

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