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 Odense, Denmark

University of Southern Denmark

The University of Southern Denmark is the third-largest University in Denmark, with a wide selection of quality programmes for Bachelor, Engineering and Master students taught in English.

We are solidly rooted in the southern region of Denmark with Campuses in Odense, Sønderborg, Esbjerg, Kolding and Slagelse. We have 58 full-time study programmes taught in English, and our vibrant study environment has an international foundation, where one in five students are international. International students from across the globe play a crucial role in enriching the university experience for all students by bringing different views, cultures, and new perspectives.

SDU’s academic depth and width are ensured through our five Faculties:

  • Business and Social Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Health Science
  • Engineering
  • Science

We are proud of our excellence in research-based teaching, integrating the latest international knowledge and research in society around it. We offer outstanding learning facilities with access to a wide range of modern laboratories, libraries, and study facilities. This secures the ability for hands-on learning as well as deepen reflection.

Students relaxing outside the University of Southern Denmark
Students working at the University of Southern Denmark

Why SDU?

Student Testimonial

Marie from Germany is currently studying the MSc IT Web Communication Design at the SDU Campus in Kolding.

What do you like about your study program?

I like that my study program combines so many different thematic aspects. We learn about Visual Design, Web Development, communication principles, value-based design and so much more. This made the master super diverse and exciting.

Anything that have surprised you?

Everything was absolutely new for me, the country, the language, the university. But if I had to say one thing then I was surprised about the amount of different group works there were and how much fun it is to try out a variety of design methods together.


Any advice for prospective international SDU-students?

My advice for international SDU students is to be curious about everything. It can be overwhelming and maybe even a little bit scary, but if you stay open and curious everything will be so much better!

Do you have any questions regarding life in Denmark or studying at SDU?

Chat to our students about their student life and study programme here.

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