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  Sarah Hastings-Woodhouse

Role: Content Writer

Sarah joined FindAUniversity as a Content Writer in 2021 and focuses on producing polished and thoroughly researched pages to inspire and inform prospective postgraduate students.

University education

Sarah has a Bachelor's degree in English Literature from the University of Exeter. Her research, analytical and writing skills help her seek out the most important information in the world of postgraduate study – and present it to aspiring postgraduates in the simplest and most engaging way possible.

Postgraduate expertise

Prior to working at FindAUniversity, Sarah gained over a year’s experience writing content for aspiring medical students – so she’s no stranger to helping students navigate the complex process that is applying for a degree programme!

In her time at FindAUniversity, she has gained a comprehensive understanding of the postgraduate journey, from choosing a Masters or PhD through to studying and completing a programme. She has also engaged with hundreds of prospective postgraduates while manning the funding stand at our popular in-person study fairs, tackling their funding-themed queries and concerns.

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