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5 (More) Unusual Masters Courses You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

It’s been a while since we last journeyed into the world of weird and wonderful Masters courses. For those of you keen to think outside the postgraduate box, we’re back with part two!

Here are five more unusual Masters courses you probably haven’t heard of.

#1 MSc Italian Food and Wine at the University of Padua

The perfect degree for anyone who wants to justify weekly pizza nights in the name of research (it’s important to get a good sample size, after all), the University of Padua’s MSc in Italian Food and Wine is a deep-dive into Italian gastronomy.

You’ll learn about Italy’s renowned food production system from every angle, including nutrition, food safety, management, promotion, history and culture.

#2 MA Podcasting at City, University of London

The podcast market is getting crowded, with an estimated 3 million active shows worldwide, and hundreds of thousands coming on the scene each year. If you’re eager to start your own (but want to set yourself apart from countless others!), City, University of London’s MA Podcasting can elevate you from hobbyist to pro.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about technical audio and video production as well as how to brand and market your podcast – and benefit from City’s ties with leading industry experts.

#3 MSc Sustainable Viticulture and Enology at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

As long as you’re happy to repeat yourself every time someone asks “A Masters in what sorry?”, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore’s Sustainable Viticulture and Enology MSc is a great choice for any wine enthusiasts among you!

‘Enology’ refers to the science of winemaking, and ‘viticulture’ to the study of grape-harvesting. Graduates of this course will be experts in sustainable methods of both – meaning they’ll be well-placed to participate in the important project of ensuring that humanity never runs out of wine.

#4 MA Magic and Occult Science at the University of Exeter

About as a close as you’ll get to living out your childhood Hogwarts fantasy, the University of Exeter’s Magic and Occult Science MA is a unique dive into the history of esotericism, witchcraft, and occult sciences. Entry requirements include a 2:2 honours degree in a relevant discipline and participation in a ritual initiation during freshers week.*

*We made this up.

#5 MSc in Structural Robustness for Extreme Loading Conditions at Neopolis University Pafos

Neopolis University Pafos’s catchily named MSc in Structural Robustness for Extreme Loading Conditions addresses the problem of making buildings and other civil infrastructure robust to catastrophic incidents. In other words, you’ll be the person asking, “how would this office block fare in the event of an earthquake?” or “what if something really really heavy fell on this bridge?”.

All jokes aside, this is exactly the kind of specialisation that postgraduate study is ideal for! If you’re keen to study an often-overlooked but crucial aspect of Civil Engineering, this Masters could be perfect for you.

Still not found your niche? These are just five of the 23,000+ Masters courses listed on our website! Start your search today.

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Last updated: 25 June 2024