We have 21 Masters Degrees (Consumer Psychology)


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Masters Degrees (Consumer Psychology)

We have 21 Masters Degrees (Consumer Psychology)

Consumer Psychology is the study of how people make decisions about what to buy, how much to pay, when to buy, and how to evaluate what they have bought.

A Masters in Consumer Psychology will provide you with skills and knowledge in qualitative and quantitative research methods, data analysis and interpretation. You will also learn about consumer behaviour, including motivation, decision-making and attitudes.

Additionally, you will gain an understanding of how to apply psychological principles to marketing, as well as how to design advertising campaigns that are effective at influencing consumer behaviour.

The interdisciplinary nature of Consumer Psychology means that these programmes are usually closely associated with a university’s Business and Psychology departments, with opportunities to specialise in one area or the other.

You’ll usually need a Bachelors degree in Psychology or a background in Business or Statistics in order to meet the entry requirements for a Masters in Consumer Psychology.

Why study a Masters in Consumer Psychology?

Some examples of careers that may be pursued with a Masters in Consumer Psychology include marketing research, advertising, brand management, market analysis and consumer behaviour. You could find employment in a range of organisations, from global food brands to companies within the fashion industry.

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