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We have 35 Masters Degrees in Antwerp, Belgium


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Masters Degrees in Antwerp, Belgium

We have 35 Masters Degrees in Antwerp, Belgium

Located in the Dutch-speaking region of Flanders, Antwerp is Belgium’s second biggest city and its largest port. Perhaps best known for its status as the word’s diamond capital, Antwerp is also a popular tourist destination. Along with the University of Antwerp, several higher education institutions are based in the city.

What’s it like to study a Masters in Antwerp?

Antwerp has a reputation as a commercial hub going back to the 16th century, when it was an important international financial centre (the world’s first stock market was built there in 1531). The 16th century was also when the construction of Antwerp’s majestic Cathedral of Our Lady was finished. Today, the cathedral is a UNESCO-listed site and remains the tallest church tower in the Low Countries.

The strategic and financial importance of the Port of Antwerp (now the second largest in Europe) made the city a bombing target during the Second World War. Despite the heavy damage that Antwerp suffered, much of its historic core remained intact and the cobbled Grote Markt is popular with tourists and locals alike. At the centre of this picturesque market square is the Brabo Fountain, which depicts a Roman soldier throwing the severed hand of a giant into the river – an important part of city folklore!

Diamonds are an important part of Antwerp’s economy, and the Flemish city has been at the centre of the global diamond trade for over five centuries. Nowadays, around 84% of rough diamonds make their way through Antwerp.

Even if diamonds leave you cold, cultural Antwerp has a lot to offer postgraduates, from the cutting-edge architecture of Museum aan de Stroom (MAS) to the Rubens House and its priceless works by the Baroque master. As the home of the renowned Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp is also a leading light in the fashion world.

Masters students in Antwerp can take advantage of its proximity to other Belgian cities like Brussels and Bruges, as well as venturing over the Dutch border to Breda and Tilburg.

Universities in Antwerp

With around 21,000 students (13% of which are from abroad), the University of Antwerp is the largest university in the city and offers a selection of Masters in English. The Antwerp Business School is an autonomous department of the University of Antwerp, providing a range of business qualifications for recent graduates and experienced professionals.

Other higher education institutions in Antwerp include the Flanders Business School (working in partnership with KU Leuven) and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, one of the oldest in Europe.

Careers in Antwerp

As well as having the second largest seaport in Europe, Antwerp has a strong background in several industrial sectors including logistics, oil and chemicals.

Digital innovation is another important part of the commercial landscape in Antwerp, and the local government is keen to encourage entrepreneurs and starts-ups to make the city their home.

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