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International Masters Study

More and more of today’s students are considering the value of international study and looking beyond their own borders for postgraduate courses.

Whether you want to take advantage of unique resources and training opportunities in other countries, acquire new skills, or simply indulge your sense of adventure, our guides provide all the information you need for destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Australasia.

We’ve answered all the important questions you might have about studying a Masters abroad: from university types and postgraduate course fees to application requirements, student visas, course fees, and funding opportunities.


From the UK to Germany and from France to Switzerland, Europe is home to some of the world's most historic universities.

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North & South America

The USA is the world's top study abroad destination, but countries like Canada and Brazil also attract plenty of students.

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Asia's universities are vibrant and innovative, with top destinations including South Korea, Japan, Singapore, China and Hong Kong.

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Postgraduate opportunities in Australia and New Zealand are amongst the world's best, with globally ranked universities.

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African universities are attracting more international students, with destinations like South Africa leading the way.

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International campuses

Looking to 'study abroad' in your own country? Check out our guide to international branch campuses for postgraduates.

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Why study abroad?

Why should you consider international study as a postgraduate? Our guide explains the benefits of studying a Masters abroad.

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Postgraduate language tests

Studying abroad may require evidence of language skills. Our guides explain academic tests for various languages.

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