Masters Study in Italy – 2023
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Masters Study in Italy – 2023

Brilliant landscapes, quaint towns and World Heritage sites, there is so much to see and do while you study a Masters in Italy. Not to forget the lovely Italian people and food that make Italy one of the most sought-after postgraduate study destinations. Studying a Masters in Italy gives you the opportunity to study at universities that have existed for centuries and live in a cultural and gastronomical centre.

Why study a Masters in Italy?

  • Variety– Italy is known for its excellent education system which is built on foundations like scientific research and creativity. With different kinds of higher education institutions, each offering specialises courses, your Masters course will be a fulfilling and rich learning experience.
  • Affordable – A Masters in Italy will cost you a lot less that other popular study destinations in Europe. This has been possible because of the public-funded universities with fees between €900 and €4,000. And, there are a number of scholarships available for both national and international students.
  • Historic universities – Italy is home to the world’s oldest university: The University of Bologna. Ring any bells? You’ve probably heard of the Bologna Process…This university introduced the three-cycle degree process across Europe and allowed for easy credit transfer between qualifications and countries.
  • Courses in both Italian and English – To attract more international students, Italian universities now offer more and more course in English. They still encourage students to take the time to learn Italian during their stay in the country. When in Rome, I guess!
  • The wonderful climate – You have the chance to enjoy the wonderful and warm Mediterranean climate whether in the heart of the city with some pasta and wine or at one of the many beaches in the country.

If you think Italy could be the place for you to study your Masters then find out more information on applications, fees, funding and visas below.

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Last updated: 28 November 2022