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We have 2 Masters Degrees in Iran


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Masters Degrees in Iran

We have 2 Masters Degrees in Iran

Combining rich heritage with pioneering science and technology research, Iranian universities have much to offer adventurous international students. Studying a Masters in Iran means working within a proud higher education system that seeks to make the most of its traditional strengths whilst taking on board important reforms.

Why study a Masters in Iran?

Higher education in Iran stretches back centuries to historical institutions associated with Ancient Persia. The country's modern universities largely date from the twentieth century, but have already established a proud legacy with expertise in science and engineering as well as the study of traditional Islamic and Arabic history and culture. The Iranian government still maintains a degree of control over higher education activities, but Iranian universities have adopted important changes, welcoming increasing numbers of female scholars and offering internationally compatible degree programmes designed to attract overseas students. The country also offers some spectacular opportunities for extra-curricular exploration and education, with ancient heritage sites stretching back to antiquity as well as busy modern shopping and entertainment facilities in large cities like the capital, Tehran.

How popular is Masters study in Iran?

Around 13,700 international students study abroad in Iran, many of them on Masters degrees and other postgraduate programs.

How long is a Masters degree in Iran?

Iranian universities are increasingly adopting an international degree format, but the length of Masters programmes still varies. Courses are typically between one and three years long, depending on their content and intensity. The Iranian academic year normally runs between September and June.

How much does it cost to study a Masters in Iran?

Tuition fees in Iran vary. As a guidelines, you can expect a Masters degree to cost between USD $2,000 and USD $6,500, depending on the subject area in question.

Are Iranian Masters degrees taught in English?

Iranian universities teach in Persian and other local languages; however, some international degree programmes are offered in international languages such as English.

Will I need a visa to study a Masters in Iran?

The majority of international students will need a visa to study a Masters in Iran, but exact requirements will depend on nationality. More information will be available from universities and Iranian embassies.

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