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 Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

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Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam ('VU Amsterdam') is an internationally renowned research university founded in 1880. The university offers over 190 English-taught programmes at Bachelor's, Master's and PhD level to more than 24,000 students from all over the world. Students and staff of 84 nationalities create a dynamic international academic community.


The teaching style at VU Amsterdam can be described as student-centered: we stimulate students to develop their own opinion through independent and creative thinking. This means that teaching is mainly conducted in small tutorials, where interactivity is the norm rather than the exception. At every opportunity, students are encouraged to engage in constructive dialogue with their tutors and peers.


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VU Amsterdam is a campus university: almost all university buildings are situated on one site, with teaching & research facilities and several leisure activities all together. It is located in the business district of Amsterdam, so that during your studies you can also get a glimpse of the business world.


  • a modern international campus, with student housing just a five minute bike ride away
  • situated in the middle of the most dynamic and fastest growing business districts in Europe
  • within walking distance of all facilities
  • well connected to public transport
  • a 15 minute tram ride from the historic city centre
  • an 8 minute train journey away from Schiphol Airport
  • developing continuously to make VU Amsterdam a more sustainable place to work and study: new sustainable research, new university buildings, while old buildings are refurbished to improve sustainability


If you plan to study at VU Amsterdam it is essential to think of a place to live. Unfortunately, finding a room in Amsterdam is difficult and stressful. The housing market in the Netherlands is extremely tense, especially in Amsterdam. Many Dutch and international students are searching for student rooms. Housing prices are high: rental prices at the private market often start at €750 and up. Start your search early and be prepared to search in surrounding villages and towns. We advise you not to come to the Netherlands if you do not have a permanent accommodation before the start of your study programme.

Change your world


As soon as you set foot in the Dutch capital, there's no escaping them. And why would you want to? Cycling is the perfect way to get around in such a charming and compact city.

As a student of VU Amsterdam, you stand to benefit from all the advantages offered by the capital. In just about fifteen minutes, by bike or by tram, you are in the lively centre of Amsterdam. It is virtually unique in having all the advantages of a big city – culture, history, good food, entertainment and extensive public transport – but with relatively few of the drawbacks. The city is small, there are plenty of quiet spots where you can kick back and relax and, thanks to its canals, it has relatively little traffic. Yet, it still has plenty to offer!


An International Student Advisor (ISA) assigned to the faculty you are interested in will help you with the application procedure and any other information you may need. Once you have been admitted to the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdams programme, the Services-teams at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam International Office can help you find accommodation and apply for a visa and residence permit (if applicable). The International Office offers orientation periods for international students in August, consisting of social events, sports activities and a cultural programme.

Change your world

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