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Tampere University is the second largest research university in Finland with over 22,000 students. We offer a wide selection of programmes in English at all academic levels. Focus areas in our research and education are technology, health and society. As a student you will receive a world-class education in a unique learning environment. Studies with us provide you with high-quality education and give you excellent opportunities to form a global network of both professional and academic colleagues.

Why study at Tampere University?

Hierarchy in the university is usually very low and the relationships between students and teachers are relatively informal.

Tampere has been ranked No. 1 in the national survey of best study places in Finland!

Education at Tampere University is based on the latest research knowledge, strong lifelong partnerships and close collaboration with society and working life.


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ranked in the national survey of best study places in Finland

Tampere  Finland

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Engineering (12) Computer Science (8) Mathematics (25) Materials Science (24) Environmental Sciences (13) Sociology (33) Psychology (31) Business & Management (5) Information Services (20) Politics & Government (30) Languages, Literature & Culture (21) Economics (10) Physics (29) Medicine (26) Nursing & Health (27) Architecture, Building & Planning (3) Communication & Media Studies (7) Education (11) Social Work (32) Biological Sciences (4)

About Tampere University

Tampere University was formed at the beginning of 2019 when two previously separate universities, Tampere University of Technology and the University of Tampere, merged into one. The University of Tampere was first established in 1925 and Tampere University of Technology in 1965. Thus, Tampere University has many decades’ experience in educating university students.

Our campuses provide services (such as cafes and lunch restaurants) and flexible spaces in three different locations: City Centre, Kauppi and Hervanta.

City Centre Campus is a hub of leadership studies, education, natural sciences, medicine and life sciences, communication and social sciences.

Hervanta campus and the surrounding area constitute a major technology hub. Side by side with Tampere University operates about 100 companies.

The Kauppi campus is located near the Tampere University Hospital. It is the home base for medicine and life sciences.

Tampere has been ranked No. 1 in the national survey of best study places in Finland! Tampere is a very lively city with plenty of choices for freetime activities, events, live music and possibility to get around by bike or on foot. But what makes us the most attractive place to study are the numerous different options to combine studies from a variety of disciplines, the central location of all our campuses and short distance to Helsinki and other major cities in Finland.

There are plenty of possibilities to find a place to stay in Tampere. Tampere Student Housing Foundation and several rental companies as well as private providers offer housing for students. Affordable living costs are one of the reasons why students choose Tampere.

Student Union of Tampere University, TREY, represents all university students in Tampere. TREY protects the interests of students, facilitates the work of student associations, provides services for its members as well as creates a sense of community. All of Tampere University students constitute the student union. There are also over 150 associations operating within TREY, such as advocacy associations, subject associations and hobby associations. Advocacy associations operate on the faculty level and they supervise the interests of the faculty’s students. Subject associations organise tutoring and free-time activities for the students. Hobby associations operate on the basis of a hobby, interest or conviction.

All students have to pay for their accommodation and living expenses themselves. The monthly living costs for a student in Tampere for basics such as food, accommodation and transportation are on average 700-950 euro, depending on your personal spending habits.

The academic year at Tampere University is divided into two semesters consisting of two periods each. The academic year starts in late August and ends in late May. Some courses are offered during the summer period.

The number of scholarships varies between programmes and depends on the size of the programme. Scholarships are awarded to a select group of the most merited applicants.

Unfortunately, we do not offer any master's programmes conducted in English as distance learning or online. The studies in our master's programmes are mostly conducted during daytime on weekdays.

Working part-time while studying might be an option to finance your studies. In addition to some useful extra cash, having a part-time job can be a good way of gaining valuable work experience and networks alongside your studies.
International degree students are allowed to work during their stay in Finland with certain restrictions. However, finding a part-time job in Finland can be quite challenging and students should not rely on this aspect when finding funding for their studies.

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