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 High Wycombe, United Kingdom

Buckinghamshire New University

Buckinghamshire New University

Buckinghamshire New University is a future-thinking establishment where education meets employability, focusing on degrees that are professional and practical, as well as academic.

Young in outlook but well established in the fields we specialise in; we offer high quality postgraduate and professional courses. Our programmes are developed by our experienced academic staff in close consultation with industry, ensuring that you get the most from your studies.

Postgraduate study

Whether you want to develop the skills you already have in your discipline or study another area of interest, a postgraduate qualification from BNU can help you to succeed on your chosen career path.

We offer a diverse range of specialist postgraduate courses, from part-time to full-time and top-up courses, all designed to develop your knowledge and skills, boost your CV and enhance your career prospects.

Our postgraduate programmes are developed in close consultation with industry, and many are also accredited by leading professional bodies, ensuring you gain the knowledge and expertise employers are looking for. For full course listings visit our website.

Buckinghamshire New University


BNU has world leading and internationally excellent research in a range of disciplines; we ranked 8th for overall satisfaction in a national survey completed by postgraduate research students at 100 UK higher education institutions.

The University has also recently established four Impact Centres to accelerate BNU research: Centre for the Enrichment of Culture and Identity; Centre for Improvement of Health and Wellbeing; Centre for Enhancement of the Environment and Innovation; and Centre for Advancement of Learning. The scholarship and research undertaken by these centres will help the University to tackle society’s biggest challenges and make a difference to people’s lives in our local campus communities.

Postgraduate research degrees, Master of Philosophy (MPhil) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), studied at BNU are awarded by Staffordshire University. Students can study full-time or part-time, either by attendance or by distance learning.

For more information about research opportunities at Buckinghamshire New University, visit our website.

Buckinghamshire New University


At Buckinghamshire New University, we offer a range of bespoke facilities for some of our course areas, such as audio and music, film and TV, human performance and sport, nursing and healthcare.

For general study, we have libraries complete with computer clusters, often open 24 hours. You’ll also benefit from a virtual learning environment that allows you to customise your approach to studying.

Our Gateway Gym is a state-of-the-art facility with equipment to suit every exercisers' needs. Whether you're completely new to exercise or an experienced athlete, our excellent facilities and dedicated team will always make you feel welcome.

But by far the most important feature of our University is not the buildings or the equipment – it’s the people at Buckinghamshire New University who work to ensure that you gain everything you possibly can do from your course.

To learn more about our postgraduate and research degrees, visit our website, download our Postgraduate Guide, or why not come and see for yourself at our next Open Day.

Business & Management (5) Nursing & Health (27) Social Work (32) Architecture, Building & Planning (3) Creative Arts & Design (9) Computer Science (8) Communication & Media Studies (7) Law (22) Biological Sciences (4) Medicine (26) Sociology (33) Psychology (31) Politics & Government (30) Education (11) Engineering (12) Philosophy (28) Environmental Sciences (13) Theology & Religious Studies (34) Forensic & Archaeological Sciences (16) Materials Science (24)

Department / School information and available programmes:

At Buckinghamshire New University, we have a dynamic, flexible and forward-thinking approach. We offer a lively and stimulating environment for your studies and use our knowledge of research and links with the industry to develop new modules and courses that reflect the very latest thinking and practice.

We work with prospective employers to make sure our courses are focused and relevant, supporting evidence-based practice and the development of a highly skilled workforce.

Programme List: