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 Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Over the last 25 years we

The Open University

Join more than 90,000 postgraduate students and alumni at the UK’s leading university for supported distance learning.

At the OU, our flexible postgraduate courses mean you can fit your study around work and life commitments, and gain career-enhancing qualifications.

Choose from more than 34 taught masters degrees, including:

Postgraduate study that works for you

Supported distance learning

We’ve pioneered supported distance learning since 1969. The module books, tuition, and expert tutor support you receive are all designed to help you learn in your own time, at your own pace. With 24/7 access to your online learning portal, or module website, flexibility is at the very heart of your studies.

Find out how distance learning at the OU works.

Your future, your career

Our modules and qualifications are developed to industry standards and are designed to be relevant to real-world applications. Many are accredited by leading professional bodies.

When you put an OU masters on your CV, dedication, time management and commitment are just a few of the qualities it demonstrates. Employers value the additional skills that you’ll bring, alongside in-depth knowledge of a subject.

Expert tutors

For each module, you’ll have a designated tutor who can give you feedback, advice and other support.

Our postgraduate tutors are consistently rated as ‘excellent' in national teaching quality assessments. Many are practising professionals with strong academic backgrounds who know their sector extremely well.

World-leading research

Our postgraduate material is developed by leading academics and industry experts and is grounded in our internationally renowned OU research.

More affordable than you may think

With the OU, you fund your modules as you study them, meaning you don’t pay for the entirety of your masters upfront.

Not only are our fees competitive, but your module fee includes the cost of course materials, tuition and assessment – unlike many other universities.

We offer a range of payment methods, designed to make your study affordable, as well as providing access to financial support for a range of circumstances.

Browse our postgraduate courses, call us on 0300 303 5303 or request a call back to discuss your options.

Linguistics & Classics (23) Education (11) Business & Management (5) Computer Science (8) Mathematics (25) Politics & Government (30) Languages, Literature & Culture (21) Medicine (26) Psychology (31) Nursing & Health (27) Creative Arts & Design (9) Philosophy (28) Engineering (12) Environmental Sciences (13) Social Work (32) History & Archaeology (19) Economics (10) Finance (14) Law (22) Sociology (33) Forensic & Archaeological Sciences (16) Physics (29)

Department / School information and available programmes:

With a record of excellence in teaching and research, our Faculty of Arts is one of the best institutions in the world for arts and humanities. Our research feeds directly into our teaching, ensuring our qualifications continue not only to be attractive to study but also reflect the most recent scholarship. We continue to innovate and develop exciting and important new areas.

Skills development and employability are at the forefront of our thinking for our students. As well as subject-specific skills, studying arts and humanities provides an adaptable set of skills for diverse career opportunities. Many of our students study while in employment, while others study with us before entering the job market.

Many of our postgraduate students have gone on to undertake research degrees, while others have used their newly acquired skills to further their careers. Our programmes are ideal for further developing research and analytical skills, and upgrading qualifications after a break from study. They suit anyone with appropriate entry qualifications looking for an intellectual challenge, and our successful postgraduates gain the important personal satisfaction of achieving a worthwhile qualification in an area of long-standing interest.

Programme List:

The Open University Business School, with its rich history of being home to more than 27,000 successful MBAs from all over the world, is one of the leading and largest triple-accredited business schools in Europe. The business programmes offer unparalleled flexibility in every aspect and are designed to fit around the lifestyle of today’s busy professionals.

Our Business School’s unique learning methodology of practice-based action learning underpins its MBA programme. We’re massively successful in delivering top quality MBA graduates who have been able to develop their skills by being able to apply what they learn at their workplace on a daily basis.

Programme List:

The Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is the Open University’s largest faculty. We’re world leaders in modern distance learning and pioneers of teaching and learning methods, enabling people to achieve their career and life goals.

The STEM Faculty provides flexible, high-quality teaching and research relevant to professional contexts. We equip learners, employers and funders with the capabilities they require to meet tomorrow’s challenges and improve situations.

With interdisciplinarity at its heart, the STEM Faculty is about innovation and problem solving in the real world. We examine complex and challenging problems, whose solutions require technological advances, behavioural transformation, and enhancements in policy and practice. We maintain strong links with professional bodies, communities of practitioners and develops curriculum in conjunction with industry advisers.

The STEM Faculty comprises six schools. They act as a focus for teaching, curriculum development, and research. Our postgraduate teaching programmes span:

• Computing
• Cyber Security
• Engineering
• Mathematics
• Mental Health Science
• Systems Thinking
• Space Science
• Technology Management

Students’ educational needs are changing rapidly. Our diverse range of qualifications, with their links to professional bodies, can meet those needs. So whether it’s computing, engineering, maths, or science, our programmes will give you the edge.

Programme List:

Our mission is to transform lives through health and social care education and research. Whether you’d like to go further in your career, or you’re an employer looking for a different way to train and motivate your staff – we can help you make that transformation.

We offer:
• world-class learning resources developed by leading academics and practitioners which reflect the views of service users and carers - underpinned by excellent research and scholarship
• openness and accessibility – putting qualifications within reach of people who never thought they could study at this level
• flexible study arrangements designed to fit with work and family commitments, with no need to take time away from the workplace
• national reach with local support – over 18,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students study with us every year. Our students live anywhere from the Highlands and Islands of Scotland to busy inner cities, supported by a network of regional administrative centres and first-class tutors based locally.

Programme List: