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Learna | Diploma MSc is an online university reimagining postgraduate education for healthcare professionals. Our mission is to improve global healthcare through medical education, advancing knowledge and practical skills relevant to your medical field. All our programmes are fully online, flexible and accessible 24/7, allowing you to learn at your own pace and balance your commitments. Our programmes are authored and tutored by an expert board of internationally recognised educational leaders and are delivered to a high standard. You also have the opportunity to connect with multidisciplinary healthcare professionals around the world to expand your insights and broaden your career prospects. Transform your healthcare career with Learna | Diploma MSc – where advanced learning meets real-world impact.

Learna programmes, in collaboration with esteemed partners such as the University of South Wales and the University of Buckingham, boast worldwide accreditations, including UEMS (European Union of Medical Specialists), and numerous endorsements, notably from JCCP (Join Council for Cosmetic Practitioners). Be taught by a team of globally acknowledged educational experts, these courses uphold exemplary standards, granting students access to top-tier education. With round-the-clock availability, you can study at your own pace and convenience, catering to your demanding schedule.

Why did you choose to study Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes at the University of South Wales?

I have always studied at University of South Wales. I have always found the tutors very supportive. I chose distance learning as I felt that it best suited my needs at the time to fit in with my work/life commitments.

How did you find the online learning?

I found it extremely challenging and tiring but an interesting way of learning. Sharing experiences with other professionals from other countries was very interesting.

What was the highlight of the course?

Passing each module (so far).
Good team spirit all round.
Knowledgeable tutors.
Benefit of sharing experiences with multi-professional people.

Why did you choose to study Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes at the University of South Wales?

I think I was spurred on by the PGDip - Diabetes Course. So I thougth it best to continue empowering myself, within the Diabetes field.

How did you find the online learning?

The online learning has been fascinating, interesting but very challenging.It sort of compelled one to explore many avenues, in search of the relevant data,for the task at hand.

What was the highlight of the course?

Witnessing the manner in which the course has been co-ordinated, ie, being involved in a number of different activities: Postings, Group acvities, Individual Group activities and Individual portfolios, with all these running concurrently and therefore ensuring that the student always remained busy.

Why did you choose to study Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes at the University of South Wales?

This was a field in which I wanted to get the maximum benefit from a good and reputed University. I heard of this University from the net and also from some of my friends who undertook the course from Cardiff. I found the time frame of one year very attractive considering my age and time while at work. The teaching staff were good and reputed clinicians. The students also came from all over the world, making the interaction very informative from others cultural point of view.

How did you find the online learning?

It was so overwhelming at the start. Due to some technical problems I had to start 3 weeks late into the course. By then the course module discussions had galloped so far ahead, I was just unable to cope with the load. I had to opt for pulling out. But, the administrative team called me up in no time and coaxed me into suspending module 1 and rejoining module 2 when it opened.

The learning was as if in a class. There were plenty of healthy discussions and arguments which stimulated the way of thinking. It also helped me critically evaluate my way of studying, how to present the knowledge in one's own language. It also helped me to view others' viewpoints and how they criticised my viewpoints thereby improving my knowledge.

The learning also improved my skills at referencing and hunting for knowledge. The tutors set me literally running around from cover to cover in an effort to do better each time. All this was being marked based on the responses to the questions thrown by the others or the tutors.

I do agree the time was quite tight considering the depth of the subject. But, learning is a never ending process.

When I became a GP Partner at North Berwick Centre, I also became lead GP for diabetes within the practice, which was the responsibility of my predecessor. Therefore, I decided to undertake the postgraduate diploma in diabetes to further my knowledge and management of diabetes. Little did I know that the diploma and subsequent MSc were going to be significant stepping stones in my medical career.

Both the diploma and MSc were invaluable in terms of expanding my knowledge and management of diabetes, but also enhanced my critical thinking and writing skills. I have to admit I underestimated the time commitment required for the courses but my enhanced knowledge and skill set were worth every (late night) minute. I presented a poster of my MSc thesis (CanT2DM be reversed with VLCDs: A Systematic Review) at the National Primary Care Diabetes Society conference in Birmingham during November 2015 and have been invited on numerous occasions to present my results at diabetes meetings.

As a result of my studying, opportunities arose to become involved in our local Diabetes Managed Clinical Network and also professional education. I soon found myself lead GP for diabetes for my local geographic area comprising 100,000 patients. I was invited to deliver a plenary session at the 2012 Scottish Primary Care Diabetes Conference and have been invited back every year. During 2015 I was elected to the Primary Care Diabetes Society national committee and also appointed a Diabetes UK Clinical Champion, as well as awarded Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh for my work in diabetes professional education.

Having completed my Postgraduate diploma in dietetics I started working with an endocrinologist not knowing that the field of “diabetes education “existed. As I started to work in this field, over a period of time I felt the need of formal education that would enhance my practical experience at work.

After reviewing a number of courses I decided to pursue the PG diploma course with Diploma MSc as it offered a structured well-planned curriculum and an opportunity to experience global interaction. Most importantly it offered flexibility to pursue a masters degree which I hope will help me plan my Ph.D program.

Initially, I found the course work to be very difficult as my earlier education did not involve evidence-based writing or referencing. But as time passed and with a lot of motivation and assistance from the tutors I was able to grasp the system and was delighted when I was approached by one of my colleagues to co-write a paper.

Having had the thought we turned to our course director for further guidance. Not only were we encouraged, but helped in every way from establishing contact with the publishing journal to critically reviewing the proposed paper. We were mentored and guided through the whole process.

When I enrolled into the course I had no idea about the opportunities it would provide me with. Having my first paper published through this course helped me overcome my apprehensions of academic writing and made me more confident to pursue it further.

Dr Elsherif is a practising endocrinologist in Dubai and wanted to formalise his knowledge by becoming certified in his specialty. At his Graduation Ceremony he explained why he chose Diploma MSc's MSc in Endocrinology: "I was recommended the course by a friend who had completed it and when I researched online the course looked very valuable. The fact I could complete the MSc in Endocrinology in 1 year made the course even more attractive."

Having not studied online before, Dr Elsherif initially found virtual learning strange and challenging to adapt to, but with the help of the Student Support Team, he quickly realised how useful it can be: "The Student Support Team played a key role in motivating me and showing me how learning online has some key benefits that make progressing your career alongside your job possible.”

Now Dr Elsherif in turn is more than happy to make the same recommendation as his friend: "As a doctor you are always learning, expanding your knowledge and upgrading your education, and this course's content and online nature is wonderful. Being able to learn alongside work is ideal as you can fit it around work schedules and implement what you're learning in clinic."

The University of South Wales is an institution of repute, a chance to study under this University is an achievement in itself

"I would highly recommend this course as it will help in enhancing knowledge on the subject."

The course really made me look at things differently. I now do a lot more research into a topic as I now have the knowledge and skills to understand and choose articles for reviewing. It broadened my knowledge hugely. Being able to do the work at my convenience was fantastic. Doing group work made you approach topics from various angles. Made me think more laterally.

The PGDip in Endocrinology has exposed me to various endocrine conditions, clinical scenarios and conundrums that stretched my knowledge further and prompted further reading. The more I learnt the more I realised how complex the subject area is. I gained a lot of information from the course which has consolidated the knowledge I already had whilst introducing me to less common endocrine conditions.

Feedback from tutors was constructive and prompt and the admin team were extremely helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and am now in the process of undertaking the MSc in endocrinology. I would definitely recommend this course to others.

The online course suited me well as, although it was quite intensive, the case discussions were extremely valuable with tutor guidance. This suited my style of learning as it was active participation rather than passive attendance at lectures. Collaborating the group report with other students and undertaking the individual reports ensured that the subject areas were well researched. As the course was totally online based, there was no face to face interaction with fellow students. However, this was overcome by liaising with each other through the daily discussions and providing support to each other through the messaging facility.

Don't hesitate to join the course if you are a busy professional but have an urge to increase your knowledge. It's going to help you for sure.

"I strongly recommend these courses to others"

"It is a very strong format for online learning."

"I completed the Postgraduate diploma course and the moved on to do the MSc in Endocrinology. The programme has enhanced my understanding of the subject."

"Very comprehensive course well suited to working professionals."

"Well designed courses. Up to date content.The medical course I had attended was specially designed for speciality learning and helped me in developing a career."

It is great way to increase once subject knowledge and it definitely helps in practice.

I have always had a personal interest in sport, partaking in many different activities. As such a Diploma in Sports and Exercise Medicine has been something I have considered for a while both for myself personally as well as for my work as a GP. Developing a role within my local NHS meant that a qualification in SEM would be very useful and therefore I searched all the available possibilities. I have several work hats as well as being a busy GP and therefore distance learning seemed to be an ideal way to allow me to work in my own time, if needed, whilst not affecting continuity in my day jobs.

Being mid-forties meant that learning has changed a lot since I was at medical school and if the truth be known, much of my day in day out work is very much automatic pilot nowadays. The diploma has awoken my middle aged brain and I have found that I am loving hoovering up new knowledge. Access to a university library has been excellent allowing me to read and reflect on papers in many journals on line for free; there has been a knock on in my GP role in that I now also use that to address my doctor’s unmet needs for other medical conditions, not just SEM. I have also started to question the evidence base for guidelines we are asked to follow.

Reflection within the diploma transfers nicely into my GP annual appraisal and from my learning, at least once a week, I am able to show the impact of that new learning.

"Excellent way of learning. You need to set aside time each week in order to get the most from the course. Glad i did it."

"Completing my Masters with Diploma MSc allowed me to undertake distance learning alongside working to give me the best chance of getting future work. I was able to start my dream full-time job as a lecturer just before finishing my second year."

"I fully endorse and recommend the Diploma MSc Sports and Exercise medicine courses - both postgrad and the masters. I have completed both and have benefited greatly as such. The academic forum encourages debate and sharing of information related to case based scenarios. Its a chance to share"

A challenging but ultimately very enjoyable course helping to improve knowledge and stimulate critical thinking.

This MSc has really enhanced my practice and kept me up to date with current research. I would very much recommend it to medical professionals working in a sporting environment or within a sports medicine team.

Excellent course and I felt well supported throughput my whole learning journey. The tutors were very helpful and offered an enormous amount expertise. I'm looking to embark on another course in the very near future.

As a tutor I am still part of the learning process through the interaction with my students.This course will allow you the opportunity to research current literature, discuss it with students from around the world and implement discussion points in your private practice.

"Learning with Diploma MSC was wonderful experience. It helped me improve in both academic and clinical care. Thank you for giving many of us this opportunity."

"Studying with Diploma MSc opened for me the proverbial steel doors to a world of never ending opportunities that could never have been possible otherwise in my professional life. This opportunity literally elevated me from a junior officer in my department to Fellow status on the bench within my Specialty College."

"Diploma MSc offers excellent course which gives in in depth subject knowledge and confidence, the method of learning is also very interactive . I really enjoyed studying here I hope they could introduce more advance courses."

"Diploma MSc has enabled me to be identified as one of the pioneer and leading consultant in Preventive and Wellness especially on Preventative Cardiovascular Diseases. This has further resulted in increase in my patients flow and being listed in different health insurance panels. The knowledge I have so far acquired especially in my project has enabled me to be one of the leading experts in workplace CVD prevention. With the knowledge acquired I am very well placed and equipped to write a book which has always been my passion to be an authority in preventative medicine. My approach of management of of lifestyle diseases has totally changed for good and for the better."

"The course has advanced my understanding of my chosen field."

"An entirely worthwhile experience. Very good value for money."

Having successfully complete the Diploma MSc Postgraduate Diploma in Obesity and Weight Management, a smile was permanent fixture on Manjit Dol’s face at Graduation. About his experience on the course he said: “It was fantastic. I really enjoyed it. The online Student Support Team were absolutely brilliant. And once you get used to Moodle it’s invaluable.”

Unlike the rest of the students in his group, Manjit isn’t a doctor. Yet: “I have my own business offering personal training and life coaching, and I took the course as it will help me to diversify my business into the wellbeing sector. Being the only non-doctor was a little daunting at first as a lot of the modules are clinically based but I rose to the challenge and now I’m determined to complete the MSc and then a PhD.”

‘Learning online made getting the qualification possible’

Based in Swindon, Manjit found being able to complete his postgraduate diploma online a real benefit: “I work 12-hour shifts, 6 days a week, and with 7-year-old twins, I already had a lot to juggle; adding studying to the equation was an even bigger challenge. Had I had to physically go to a university, at set times, I wouldn’t have been able to get the qualification. Being able to study online and fit it around my other commitments was just perfect for me.”

Manjit initially had concerns that as he was dedicating Sunday to his studies, any questions he may have had, may not be answered in a timely manner as it was the weekend. But he needn’t have worried: “Tutors and the support team are so quick to get back to you when you have a question. They couldn’t have done more to help as I got the impression they wanted me to succeed as much as I did.”

"I’ve always been passionate about nutrition and how it affects my patients’ health and body weight. I chose the Diploma/MSc in Obesity and Weight Management at the University of South Wales because at the time I was travelling a great deal and it was entirely accessible online. I was thrilled to discover that I had chosen a stimulating, comprehensive and academically rigorous course. Although I was somewhat surprised at how much time was required for me to do it justice, it was really worth the investment: I have gained an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the complexities of obesity and weight management, as well as greatly improved skills in critical appraisal, and much more. The online platform allowed for plenty of discussion and interaction with tutors and colleagues. Working together with colleagues from different parts of the world was a privilege and a reminder that overweight and obesity is a global issue affecting millions in our modern world. I can highly recommend the course and would encourage anyone who is considering doing it, to get started sooner rather than later."

"I fully enjoyed doing my PGDip and MSc in Obesity and Weight Management. Both degrees are very intensive however"

"The modules were fun and collaborative. The tutors are motivating and encouraging."

"I was a little apprehensive initially about the distance learning aspect of the course but it was so structured and organised that I could fit it around my busy lifestyle. Milestones and deadlines were well spaced out and regular contact with both fellow students and tutors kept the momentum going. The moodle was really easy to use and the support from the staff was second to none. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and cannot believe I am actually finished already! I would highly recommend this approach to other busy professionals looking to expand their knowledge and further their learning and careers."

"Fantastic Two Years With DiplomaMSc. Just finished MSc Rheumatology. Recommend everyone interested in Rheumatology to Apply for it. Wonderful tutors and support team who helped me to achieve this. My Special Thanks to Dr Rizwan Rajak for his guidance"

"I was enrolled for Diploma-MSc, rheumatology (March 2017-March, 2019); and I really enjoyed my contribution there in the modules, teachers guidance and contents of the modules throughout the entire course. During modules activities, feedbacks from the most of the module tutors were really helpful in terms of upgrading my contribution to register higher scores. In MSc modules, especially in module-1, I had learned how to go through a review paper and how to make a new one in the category. In a single a word, I can describe my journey with the Diploma- MSc rheumatology, University of South Wales, UK 'splendid'."

"I thoroughly enjoyed completing the PGd in Rheumatology. It was a simple platform and easy to understand. I learnt a great deal from completing this. Thanks"

"I have pursued Postgraduate Diploma in Genomic Medicine and Health Care which has helped me to establish the genetic facility at my Institute"

"The knowledge obtained from the postgraduate diploma in genomic medicine and healthcare is invaluable for every healthcare professional."

"The course met my needs with my busy work and family schedules. The university offered access to updated education materials and contents. Consistency and support guided to achieve my intentions."

"I managed to introduce integrated sexual health services to the services we offer in our obstetrics and gynaecology department where I work.The service received a positive response from the private patients and government hospital patients i had contact with. I also offer supportive counselling to patients from other departments such as oncology, orthopaedic and surgical. wards."

"I would highly recommend this course for any allied health professional wishing to advance their knowledge in the field of medical education. Both the support staff and tutors at Diploma MSc are excellent and at hand to guide you through the course."

The Postgraduate Diploma in Obesity and Weight Management has been a great opportunity of knowledge recycling in an exciting and challenging area of the medical sciences! With an innovative method of distance learning, we discuss theory and clinical cases in the light of the evidence-based practice, using the resources of a complete online library. In fact, it is a very effective and stimulating way of learning!

More than improving my clinical skills in the assessment and management of the obese patient, since the beginning of the course, I have submitted five papers for publication in international medical journals. In the current month of June 2016, I will have three of them published: two of them in the South American Journal of Public Health, and the other one, together with my course colleagues Tan, Bongiwe and Nada, in the Diabetes and Primary Care (UK). I feel very happy with such achievement, which will greatly improve my curriculum and increase my chances of being approved in a future PhD programme.

"The PgDip-MSc is the ideal course for busy medical trainees who want to expand their knowledge in a specific speciality and boost their CV when it comes to speciality interviews."

"It has greatly helped in my research skills and incorporating evidence based medicine in my dermatology practice."

"Learning from peers in your assigned group really widens your potential learning experience. You all grow together through the year, and feel like a family too. It's a very supportive environment. Looking forward to my second year."

"I would like to give the highest compliments to whole admission and support team of the Diploma MSc. All of your help and effort are invaluable."

"Frankly speaking, I have been a very busy General Practitioner since I completed my medical graduation. During last 18 years I only able to do a PG Diploma which is very frustrating for me. So I started searching and ultimately found the golden opportunity to do MSc on a clinical specialty online and still continue my very busy day to day GP job. That is what led me to apply for the course."

I have just finished the PgDip in dermatology with Diploma MSc and can say that the structure and learning from their courses are fantastic.

Why did you choose to study Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes at the University of South Wales?

I chose to study the PG Diploma in Diabetes at the University of South Wales for the following reasons:

The syllabus was in keeping with that of the IDF.
The course was of one-year duration as compared to the 2-years that most other courses offered.
The fee was affordable for me since I come from a developing country and had to pay the entire fees on my own without any funding or scholarship.
The department staff made me feel extremely comfortable during my enquiries and I was able to decide upon this University after experiencing their support during my search for a course.

How did you find the online learning?

The online experience was truly great. As far as access and availability of material was concerned, I had absolutely no problem and the entire course was completely trouble-free.

The web pages too were easy to access and very user-friendly.

The tutors were very knowledgeable and supportive. I particularly liked the way they nudged us into learning what we needed to rather than imposing themselves upon us. They put forth questions that encouraged us to really search around and read up on a lot of related material.

At first, I was quite apprehensive since I came from a different background than the other batch mates who were mostly from the UK and SA. However, it was just a matter of a couple of weeks before I settled in and was absolutely comfortable from then onwards. Once more, the credit goes to the tutors who were so encouraging, even though my practices were quite different from those that were being discussed.

I was truly grateful for the social forum, which helped me get to know about my batch mates and feel comfortable with them even though I had never met them. It helped break the ice as far as I was concerned since most of the others had met each other during the contact classes. This automatically helped me feel more comfortable in the subject forum.

Why did you choose to study Postgraduate Diploma in Diabetes at the University of South Wales?

This is the only course available to study further in diabetes. We do not have such a course in South Africa. I like to study and required more information on diabetes. I like the fact that we are able to study the current literature in diabetes.

How did you find the online learning?

This was the most outstanding course I have ever completed. The pace is very fast and I had to get used to working in groups. It was brilliant and I have learned a magnificent amount of work.

What was the highlight of the course?

All the new information in every single module and I enjoyed doing the tasks.

It gives me great pleasure to write a few words about the Postgraduate Diploma in Endocrinology offered by the University of South Wales, in which I had the opportunity to participate as a student between September 2015 and August 2016.

I work as a Consultant Diabetologist at India’s largest diabetes speciality clinic, where I undertake training of postgraduates in addition to clinical work. As such, it is imperative that I update my knowledge of diabetes and endocrinology on a regular basis so as to provide the best possible services to my patients and students. This is what prompted me to undertake the Diploma in Endocrinology as part of the September 2015 intake.

I have had a most fruitful time pursuing the diploma over the past year. The Modules are well thought out and planned appropriately based on the available time. The clinical case problems are thought-provoking and helped stimulate useful discussions, which extended far beyond the expected time on many occasions! The tutors were most helpful and supportive and were always at hand to clear any doubts and questions as and when they arose. I found the website and learning platform most user-friendly, and technical help was immediately at hand on the (extremely rare) occasions that I needed it.

The PG Diploma team, right from the Course Director down to the backend support, were always available for assistance and any problems, technical or acade mic, were attended to promptly. After completion of the course, I feel that I am now able to approach endocrine cases from a different perspective. I am confident in performing the initial workup and management of many of these cases. I am also happy to state that as a result of the training obtained during the course of the Diploma, I was able to successfully pass the Speciality Certificate Examination in Endocrinology conducted by the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK in June 2016. I doubt whether I could have done so if were I not part of the Diploma.

I thank the entire team at PG Diploma in Endocrinology for a most enjoyable eleven months, and have no hesitation in recommending this course to any of my colleagues who wish to further their knowledge in this speciality.

The wealth of knowledge from the Tutors is vast- soak it up and more you will achieve!

It is really an amazing learning experience that you can learn and share knowledge with many students and tutors. Thank you so much.

"An interesting and stimulating course."

"I found it really useful and informative"

"I was really lucky to take up this degree. It has increased my confidence as a teacher. Specially my leadership qualities have improved. I also do a lot of experimenting while teaching and my students love that. Thanks to all my groupmates tutors and the whole team."

"Thank you Osian for your help, your support system is very professional and efficient. Regards, Julian"

"I would say that my study at the Diploma MSc program has broadened my knowledge on the subject matter. However, it was more theoretical than I anticipated."

During my studies I learned a lot about the subject. Now I am working as a clinical pharmacist in NHS hospital, I am applying my learning in real practice for betterment of our patients, to reduce the cardiovascular risk including acute coronary syndrome, heart attack & stroke, working along with consultants & speciality doctors.

A very beneficial course. I enhanced my skills and improved my performance in my daily clinical practice.

"Diploma MSC offers very interesting approach to teaching and learning. A stimulating environment with a great inter-professional discussion forum and assignments that are relevant to daily practice. Tutors provide instant feedback and facilitate discussion in an excellent way. I definitely recommend PgDip Respiratory Medicine - I've learnt a great deal!"

"This one year course touched upon the basics of Respiratory Medicine. It helped me to read further and also improve my academic writing skills."

"It was a very useful course (Respiratory PGDip)"

"This course is really a vast treasure of knowledge. I will recommend to others also."

Excellent platform for different professionals of similar fields to interact and share knowledge as well as experiences and applications toward their respective fields.

"An excellent opportunity to advance academically in the comfort of ones home."

"It’s been a wonderful learning experience. One can always find time from his or her busy schedule for learning."

Learned a lot and gained profound knowledge in the field of Rheumatology, which is now very helpful.

"This online course gives a classroom feel and so interactive that would like to do my masters then hopefully my phd online"

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