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We have 16 Masters Degrees (Implant Dentistry)


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Masters Degrees (Implant Dentistry)

We have 16 Masters Degrees (Implant Dentistry)

A Masters Degree in Implant Dentistry is an advanced level programme that provides comprehensive knowledge and practical skills related to dental implants. The course offers in-depth understanding of oral anatomy, bone biology, implant design and materials, surgical techniques, prosthodontics and clinical management of implant patients.

Students learn about the entire process of dental implantology from patient assessment and treatment planning to surgical procedures including inserting implants into the jawbone, taking impressions for crowns or bridge work fabrication followed by restorative procedures post-implantation.

Implant Dentistry Masters Degrees generally spans over a period of two to three years, effectively blending academic knowledge and clinical skills crucial for implant dentistry.

Why study a Masters in Implant Dentistry

Choosing to study a Master's degree in Implant Dentistry can open diverse paths for career progression and personal development in dentistry. Firstly, it equips students with specialised skills and knowledge to practice implant dentistry, an advanced treatment increasingly sought by patients seeking high-quality restorative solutions.

Those inclined towards academics can leverage research opportunities within this course to further advance the knowledge front in the dental implantology field.

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