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Masters Degrees (Hospital Management)

We have 56 Masters Degrees (Hospital Management)

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Hospital Management is a qualification that prepares students for careers in the management of hospitals and other healthcare organisations. The curriculum typically includes coursework in business administration, finance, healthcare policy and healthcare management. You’re also likely to topics such as accounting, marketing and operations management.

MBAs in Hospital Management are interdisciplinary in nature, applying the skillset associated with an MBA in a healthcare setting. You’ll learn about organisational theory and leadership, as well as how to meet the demands and challenges associated with managing a clinical care provider.

The degree can provide students with the knowledge and abilities to understand the inner workings of a hospital, including the financial, clinical and administrative aspects. Additionally, the degree can help students develop the skills to effectively manage hospital staff and resources.

These programmes are usually aimed at healthcare professionals who want to deepen their expertise in the skills needed to move into senior leadership roles. As such, you’ll normally be expected to have a professional background in healthcare (or a relevant degree).

Why study an MBA in Hospital Management?

Doing an MBA in Hospital Management can be a great way to boost your employment progression prospects. You could use your degree to enter a career in a range of healthcare settings, from hospitals and GP surgeries through to the pharmaceutical or private sectors.

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