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We have 65 Masters Degrees (Game Development)


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Masters Degrees (Game Development)

We have 65 Masters Degrees (Game Development)

Game development is the process of designing, creating, testing, and ultimately releasing a video game. Studying a Masters in Game Development equips postgraduates with the skills needed to embark on a career in the booming video game industry.

Some of the core topics you may study on a Masters degree in Game Development include 3D animation, character design, game engines, level design and sound design. You’ll also receive training in important coding languages used for game development, such as C# and Unity.

Depending on whether the syllabus is centred around technical software development or artistic design, you could receive either an MSc or MA respectively.

Many programmes enjoy close links to the video game industry, with networking events and guest lecturers.

You’ll usually have the opportunity to produce a prototype of your own game, which will act as the basis for your final dissertation project.

Why study a Masters in Game Development?

There are many careers in video games, from programming and design, to marketing and management. With the ever-growing popularity of video games, there is a growing demand for people with the skills to create and oversee their development.

Doing a Masters in Game Development is excellent preparation for a career in the world of video games. You’ll be able to learn from industry experts and gain a range of valuable skills. There are a range of possible careers in video games – you could specialise in console, PC or mobile gaming, or focus on cross-platform titles.

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