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We have 20 Masters Degrees in Lyon, France


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Masters Degrees in Lyon, France

We have 20 Masters Degrees in Lyon, France

Lyon is a city in the eastern part of central France, around 450km south-east of Paris and 150km south-west of the Swiss border (and the nearby city of Geneva). The city is a major higher education centre, with 12 universities and around 140,000 resident students.

What’s it like to study a Masters in Lyon?

Lyon has a rich history and a strong association with luxury goods, gastronomy and the arts. The city developed as a centre for the trade and manufacture of silk, with strong connections to Italy. It has also long been recognised as one of the premier French cities for food – an impressive accolade in a country renowned for its cuisine!

As well as excellent degree programmes, postgraduate students in Lyon enjoy access to some of France’s most famous landmarks and attractions including beautiful medieval and renaissance architecture (much of it influenced by Italian styles) and, of course, some of the world’s best restaurants.

The most famous Lyonnais festival is the annual Fête des lumières, in which the entire city is spectacularly illuminated by lightshows. Lyon’s situation at the confluence of the Rhône and Saône rivers also lends it a unique geography, with part of the city situated on the resulting ‘Presqu’Île’ peninsula.

Sports fans will find much to enjoy in Lyon, which is home to the world-famous football team Olympique Lyonnais. Both the men’s and the women’s sides have enjoyed considerable success at national and international levels.

If wine is your thing you’ll be able to explore the nearby Beaujolais and Côtes du Rhône regions, or, if you’d rather travel further afield, you could take the opportunity to visit neighbouring Switzerland and Italy.

Universities in Lyon

Postgraduate courses in Lyon are offered by various renowned universities and higher education providers, many of which specialise in higher degrees.

The École centrale de Lyon, for example, is an acclaimed engineering school and, with its founding in 1857, became one of the first graduate schools in France. Lyon is also home to the prestigious EMLYON Business School, founded in 1872 and offering an MBA programme ranked amongst the best in the world.

Careers in Lyon

Lyon has a diverse, innovative economy, with strong sectors in digital industries, clean technology, life sciences and logistics. Known for its high quality of life, Lyon is one of the richest cities in France and has a vibrant start-up scene.

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