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We have 53 Masters Degrees (Double Masters)


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Masters Degrees (Double Masters)

We have 53 Masters Degrees (Double Masters)

A double Masters degree can refer to either a dual degree or a degree studied at two different universities. In a dual degree programme, students can earn two separate Masters degrees from the same university or from two different universities, typically within a shorter timeframe and with a reduced cost compared to studying the degrees separately. These programmes can enhance students' skillsets and increase their job prospects, as they are equipped with knowledge in two different areas.

On the other hand, a double Masters degree from two different universities can offer students the opportunity to gain international experience, as well as exposure to different academic and cultural perspectives. This type of programme may take longer to complete and cost more due to the need to navigate two different universities' requirements, but can provide unique networking opportunities and expand career possibilities in a global context.

Which type of double Masters degree is best for me?

If you want to deepen your knowledge and specialise in two related subjects, a double Masters degree programme at the same university could be a great option. It's an efficient and comprehensive way to obtain two Masters degrees in less time and with lower tuition fees. Moreover, it could open doors to highly competitive job opportunities that require a diverse skill set.

On the other hand, if you prefer to study in two different universities, you may benefit from gaining different perspectives and experiences. It allows you to explore different academic cultures, research facilities, and networks. This experience could broaden your horizons and provide you with unique insights and skills that can be highly valued in the job market.

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