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Masters Degrees in Australian History

We have 1 Masters Degrees in Australian History

Masters degrees in Australian History offer advanced study of the people and area of the Commonwealth of Australia, and its preceding Indigenous and colonial societies. Relates subjects include broader History of Australasia and Oceania. Specialist postgraduate topics may include Aboriginal Studies, Maori History or other Indigenous Cultural Studies. Entry requirements usually include an appropriate undergraduate degree such as History or Archaeology.

Why study a Masters in Australian History?

## Aboriginal Australians are believed to have arrived on the mainland of Australia between 40,000 and 70,000 years ago. The traditions which they formed, particularly through music, art and spiritual beliefs, are among the longest-surviving in human history. As such, courses in the History of Australia offer truly diverse study opportunities. European colonisation of Australia in the 17th Century perhaps offers the most significant understanding of modern Australian society. For example, you might examine how the arrival of Europeans introduced disease which wiped out many Indigenous tribes. There is also the controversial import of criminals to parts of Australia, from which modern Australians may trace their heritage. Careers are wide-ranging, and may include roles in foreign policy and public affairs, and positons in heritage institutions such as museums and archives. You may even take on roles associated with significant Australian landmarks, particularly through the tourism industry.

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