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We have 48 Masters Degrees (Art Direction)


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Masters Degrees (Art Direction)

We have 48 Masters Degrees (Art Direction)

Art Direction is the planning and vision for a creative project, including the overall look, feel and style. It is often responsible for the overall tone and aesthetic of a work, and can involve everything from colour and lighting choices to camera angles and shot selection.

Some of the things you might learn while studying a Masters in Art Direction include the basics of design, typography, colour theory, composition and visual hierarchy, as well as how to use various design software programs. You will also likely learn about working with clients, managing projects, and how to run a successful art direction business.

It’s also possible to specialise in Digital Art Direction, which could encompass exciting technological developments like virtual reality, the metaverse and artificial intelligence.

In terms of entry requirements, you’ll usually need a Bachelors degree in a Design-related subject.

Why study a Masters in Art Direction?

Masters in Art Direction programmes can prepare students for a creative career in the field of advertising and design. Students may learn how to develop and execute creative concepts, manage projects, and lead teams of designers and other creatives.

The skills and knowledge gained in a Masters degree programme can be helpful in securing a position as an art director, creative director or other creative leadership role.

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