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We have 121 Masters Degrees (Music Production)


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Masters Degrees (Music Production)

We have 121 Masters Degrees (Music Production)

A Masters Degree in Music Production is an advanced academic programme tailored for aspiring music producers and audio engineers who wish to elevate their technical skills, creative capabilities, and understanding of the music industry to a professional level.

This programme delves into the intricacies of sound design, mixing and mastering techniques, digital audio workstations (DAWs), music arrangement, and production software tools, ensuring graduates possess a comprehensive skill set.

It also emphasises the importance of developing a robust artistic sense alongside technical expertise, enabling students to craft unique sounds and compositions that resonate with audiences.

Why study a Masters in Music Production

Music Production graduates find rewarding careers as record producers, sound engineers, film score composers among other roles in entertainment studios or embark on entrepreneurial endeavors in the digital music domain.

Students collaborate with like-minded peers, engage with guest lecturers from various sectors of the industry, and often have access to internships that can lead to job placements post-graduation.

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