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We have 9 Masters Degrees in Trento, Italy


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Masters Degrees in Trento, Italy

We have 9 Masters Degrees in Trento, Italy

Trento is a small city in Northern Italy, blending Alpine and Renaissance culture and styles, famed for its pleasant and traditional way of life. It is home to the small but ambitious University of Trento. The area is recognised for its growing technological and financial industries.

What’s it like to study a Masters in Trento?

Trento is the capital of the Trentino province of Northern Italy. It is close to the Austrian and Swiss borders, and that influence can be seen through its food and drink (apple strudel and beer halls are commonplace) as well as its Alpine traditions, such as hiking, skiing and mountain biking.

Of course, Italian culture is still prevalent with Roman, Gothic and Renaissance architecture visible in castles, porticos and frescos throughout Trento, typified by the Castello del Buonconsiglio and the Piazza del Duomo. The Trento valley is also home to many vineyards and apple orchards.

Historically, Trento served as in important crossroads between Lake Garda, Venice, Verona, Bolzano and Innsbruck. Today, it still acts as a gateway between the Mediterranean and Northern Europe.

The small city is renowned for its high quality of life and standard of living. It’s very student-friendly with many bicycles and bars, and a generally young and liberal population. There are a wide range of cultural events to enjoy during your Masters, including festivals, museum exhibitions and theatre shows.

Universities in Trento

A relatively small university, the University of Trento hosts over 16,000 students. It originally focussed on the Social Sciences, but now offers courses across a range of disciplines.

The University of Trento is committed to teaching and research. Most postgraduate course are taught in English, and the university is keen to develop its international outlook further.

Careers in Trento

Trento is well regarded for its business and job opportunities. Its position near the heart of Europe means there are plenty of openings in the commerce, services, tourism and financial sectors.

Economics is especially strong in Trento and the city hosts an annual Economy Festival that brings together illustrious economists and the public. The city is sometimes referred to as a “Silicon Valley in the Alps” due to its developing IT, tourism and green energy industries.

Additionally, there are many research institutes based in the Trentino area, including the Bruno Kessler Foundation, the Edmund Mach Foundation and the Centre for Computational and Systems Biology.

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