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We have 1,167 Masters Degrees (International Law)


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Masters Degrees (International Law)

We have 1,167 Masters Degrees (International Law)

Studying a Masters Degree in International Law allows students to explore the world of legal norms that govern relations between nations. The Curriculum explores a variety of areas of international law. These include human rights and humanitarian law to international trade and environmental regulations.

Students will look into historic and contemporary legal cases, dissecting judgements to understand the application of legal principles on a global scale. The course will also provide ample opportunities for conducting extensive research on pressing global issues or emerging trends within International Law.

From drafting legal documents to honing negotiation tactics, students can expect practical training that prepares them for real-world challenges faced by international lawyers.

Why study a Masters in International Law?

International Law Masters degrees open up various career opportunities worldwide in fields like diplomacy, non-governmental organisations, multinational companies, international courts or tribunals.

Many corporate entities require specialist lawyers who understand domestic laws where they operate plus norms set by foreign bodies.

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