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Wageningen  Netherlands

Boost your academic aspirations at Wageningen University & Research, well-known for its global reputation in addressing critical challenges surrounding healthy food and sustainable living environments. Offering an array of 30 English-taught master's programmes and 3 online options, WUR stands as a beacon for academic excellence. At WUR, students like you gain a distinctive and experienced background enhanced with an international quality benchmark, which ensures seamless transitions to internships, work experiences, and careers worldwide. You will immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment where diverse minds come together, driven by a shared commitment to shaping a sustainable future.

Why study at Wageningen University & Research?

Benefit from personal guidance throughout your academic journey.

Access an ever-expanding 70,000 m2 campus offering excellent student facilities and a vibrant international community.

Engage in 30 English-taught master's programmes addressing global challenges.


postgraduate students




ranked in the 2023 UI GreenMetric ranking, acclaimed as the world’s most sustainable university

Wageningen  Netherlands

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Agriculture (1) Biological Sciences (4) Engineering (12) Environmental Sciences (13) Nursing & Health (27) Medicine (26) Food Sciences (15) Law (22) Business & Management (5) Geography (17) Politics & Government (30) Economics (10) Veterinary Sciences (35) Architecture, Building & Planning (3) Geology (18) Psychology (31)

About Wageningen University & Research

Wageningen University & Research is the best University in the Netherlands and one of the leading international universities in the field of healthy food and living environment. Our mission is to equip students with the knowledge and skills to confront pressing issues facing industry and government. With a commitment to personalised guidance, our institution ensures each student thrives in an environment that promotes critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration. By choosing Wageningen, you become part of a diverse and international community of scholars dedicated to shaping a sustainable future.

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Wageningen offers a vibrant student life, where campus and city living harmonize to create an enriching environment. On our 70,000 m2 campus, equivalent to 11 soccer fields, you'll find sustainable and modern facilities, promoting collaboration and innovation. Beyond academia, Wageningen's city life provides a rich culture and diverse international community, where you'll make connections that last a lifetime. Engage in events, clubs, and activities that complement your studies, ensuring a holistic university experience that goes beyond the classroom. WUR is not just a university; it's a community where students from over 95 countries unite to learn, grow, and shape a sustainable future.

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