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Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM)

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM), founded in 1898, was the first institution in the world dedicated to research and teaching in the field of tropical medicine.

As a teaching institution, we attract more than 600 students from 68 countries, from PhD research and Masters programmes to a range of professional courses, and work in partnership with health ministries, universities and research institutions worldwide to train the next generation of doctors, scientists, researchers and health professionals.

As one of the few postgraduate centres of excellence in the field of tropical medicine, we are enthusiastic about offering our unrivalled learning opportunities to students within the UK and across the developing world.


LSTM is based in the culturally rich city of Liverpool, offering students a great opportunity to visit an impressive number of galleries and museums in addition to exploring the legendary music scene. The city-centre restaurant scene will allow you to explore the cuisine of any culture, while the city also has award-winning shopping facilities and theatres, two Premier League football clubs, golf courses, beautiful parks, and outstanding countryside within a few miles drive. Often voted the friendliest city in the UK and 4th friendliest city in the World!

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine


LSTM has well-equipped, modern teaching and research facilities, in keeping with an institution at the cutting edge of tropical medicine. Recently, major refurbishment of the main teaching areas, including a major overhaul of the library facilities and all audio-visual equipment, as well as the creation of new collaborative group spaces and more flexible teaching rooms has been completed.

Student Experience Comment

“I chose to study at LSTM because I wanted to be trained in an environment where students are brought together from different countries and regions to create a platform for exchanging experiences among practitioners. LSTM is known to provide courses that are very well known for their practical applicability, multidisciplinary approach and interactive, participatory methods.” – Dr Kristal Agrupis from the Philippines (MSc Tropical Paediatrics)