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The University of Sussex is a research-intensive campus university with an excellent international reputation located within the vibrant seaside city of Brighton & Hove. For over 60 years the aim of our courses, research, culture and campus has been to stimulate, excite and challenge. At Sussex, we will encourage you to speak out in support of the things that matter most to you. We will help you to deepen your knowledge, skills and confidence so you are world-ready to pursue your personal development, and career choices. From scientific discovery to global policy, from student welfare to career development, Sussex innovates and takes a lead. And today, in every part of society and across the world, you will find someone from Sussex making an original and valuable contribution.

Why study at the University of Sussex?

Our world-class research challenges conventional thinking, offering inspiring ways to understand and solve global issues and create a better future for humanity.

Our spacious green campus is nestled within the beautiful South Downs National Park, and only 9 minutes from the vibrant seaside city of Brighton.

Choose from over 500 postgraduate and undergraduate courses and degrees at a highly ranked, research-led university in Brighton, UK.


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Politics & Government (30) Environmental Sciences (13) Food Sciences (15) Computer Science (8) Law (22) Education (11) Creative Arts & Design (9) Languages, Literature & Culture (21) Sociology (33) Chemistry (6) Physics (29) Business & Management (5) Biological Sciences (4) Economics (10) Communication & Media Studies (7) Mathematics (25) Psychology (31) Finance (14) Engineering (12) Anthropology (2) Information Services (20) Social Work (32) Veterinary Sciences (35) Geography (17) Nursing & Health (27) Materials Science (24) History & Archaeology (19) Linguistics & Classics (23) Theology & Religious Studies (34) Architecture, Building & Planning (3) Philosophy (28) Medicine (26)

About the University of Sussex

With five Nobel Prize winners and a recipient of the prestigious Crafoord Prize as part of our history, Sussex has a great reputation for growing knowledge and understanding.

Our leading research underpins your Sussex experience. You’ll benefit from our knowledge, expertise and insight, and be encouraged to question established thinking, to create original arguments and to be courageous in your ambition.

At Sussex, we don’t just provide you with an excellent education in an inclusive and vibrant community – we celebrate your individuality, feed your imagination and encourage you not to be constrained by what others may define as impossible. Our TEF-silver-award-winning teaching draws from cutting-edge research, ensuring an inspiring academic experience. Then there’s our stunning green campus and idyllic location. With miles of coastline and the inspiring South Downs on our doorstep – and also within easy reach of the bright lights of Brighton and London – we know we are something special.

We believe you are too.

Whether you’re a UK student or from overseas, returning to study or coming straight from an undergraduate degree, you’ll find that our Sussex community is keen to give you a warm welcome.

We’re proud of the support our teams offer to help you settle in, and the social activities available to keep you entertained.

You automatically become a member of the University of Sussex Students’ Union when you enrol. This means you can take advantage of student discounts in local clubs and shops. We also have over 180 clubs and societies. From the A Cappella Society to the Zumba Society, you’ll always find something to do.

The Sussex community is a rich cultural mix, with staff and students combined from over 150 countries (HESA Staff and Student Records 2021/22) and collaborations with over 160 universities globally. We celebrate this diversity with events such as One World Week, during which everyone has the chance to take part in activities that focus on global cultures.

As well as being a great place to meet and collaborate with other students, our new Student Centre is where you can find information, advice and guidance. Our staff can help with a range of matters, such as accessing bursaries and hardship funds, and support on visas, as well as what to do if you have any issues that affect your studies. They provide information about specialist services both on and off campus.

Our beautiful Meeting House is the base for our interfaith chaplaincy. This stunning building, filled with light and colour, is home to religious services, and many social and cultural events, as well as being a place for quiet contemplation and mindfulness sessions. We also have a Muslim prayer facility on campus.

25 scholarships are available in the majority of Sussex Schools, and are awarded on the basis of academic performance and potential. The scholarships are offered for one year.

Type of award
Postgraduate taught

1 May: Deadline for all applications to be received
By 31 May: Notification to first choice and short-listed candidates
After 3 July: Notification to successful short-listed candidates if first choice candidates do not take up the scholarship.

Successful applicants
Students accepting a Chancellor's International Scholarship may be required to undertake occasional promotional or support duties for the University of Sussex at times agreed between the student and the University.

Contact details
Student Funding Team
Student Life Centre
University of Sussex
Bramber House
East Sussex

Value of Scholarship(s)

50% off International Student tuition fee


Have applied for and accepted a place to start a Postgraduate taught degree at the University of Sussex (e.g., MA, MSc, LLM, MRes, Postgraduate Diploma, and Graduate Diploma) excluding certain degrees listed on our website.

Be assessed as liable to pay fees at the "overseas" (namely the non-EU) rate.

Have sufficient funds to meet your tuition fees and living expenses, after taking account of the possible award of a Chancellor's International Scholarship.

Students who hold other University of Sussex scholarships will not be eligible for the Chancellors International Scholarship.

Intend to remain on the programme for which the scholarship is offered.

Application Procedure

To apply for this scholarship you must first have submitted your application to study through the University of Sussex online postgraduate application system.

When you have applied for your course, apply for the scholarship using the application form.

Confirmation of submission will be sent automatically following your submission. If you do not receive this, please ensure that you check your junk/deletion folder for this notification as it may be sent directly to these folders depending on your email security settings.

Chancellor's Masters Scholarships are available for Masters applicants that have, or expect to achieve a First Class UK Bachelors degree. There are only 100 scholarships available, so there is a competitive application process.

Value of Scholarship(s)

£3,000, awarded as a tuition fee reduction if you are assessed as 'Home' for tuition fees, or £5,000 if considered 'Overseas'


To be eligible for this scholarship, you must:

have studied a Bachelors (Hons) at a UK university and hold, or expect to achieve, a First
have accepted an offer of a place on an eligible full time or part time Masters course to start in September 2021

Application Procedure

Complete our scholarship application form after you have received and accepted an offer of a place on an eligible Masters.

As there are limited awards available, applicants are advised to apply as soon as possible as all awards may be allocated before the final application deadline is reached. Priority will be given to applicants that have not already completed a postgraduate qualification.

All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by email.

30 September 2022 23:59

Award amount
You receive £3,000, awarded as a tuition fee reduction.

Value of Scholarship(s)

Up to £3,000


To be eligible, you must:
- Be graduating from Sussex in 2022 with a First Class or Upper Second Class Bachelors degree
- Have accepted an offer of a place on an eligible Masters, either part time or full time, to start in September 2022

Application Procedure

This scholarship is not automatic. Eligible applicants need to register interest in this scholarship through the postgraduate application system when you accept an offer of a place to study. No confirmation will be sent, as the scholarship is awarded automatically to all eligible applicants that register for the scholarship on time.

International students with an offer to study in the University of Sussex Business School will be able to combine this award with the Business School International Masters Award (2022). International students with an offer to study in the school of Engineering & Informatics will be able to combine this award with the Engineering & Informatics International Masters Award (2022).

Nolan Clack, one of our online students who is the Business Development Director & Co-founder of Venture Canada Immigration living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam share's his experience studying so far:

Why did you choose to study International Marketing MSc (online)?

I was first exposed to marketing when I moved to Southeast Asia during my time working with start-ups. I quickly came to realize how exciting and how much a career in the field of marketing has to offer, especially when residing in a foreign country. As an individual that loves to take on any challenge, I knew pursuing an Masters degree in marketing would provide me the extra edge and confidence to start my own company.

What’s been your favourite module so far and what made it so engaging?

To give an honest answer it would need to be the combination of both International Branding & Communications and Digital Marketing. The previous modules that were taught were steppingstones, building up to these other two modules that complimented one another nicely. Having completed the degree, these two modules provided a solid understanding how to systematically approach a real-world market problem, analyse it, and implement it. For these modules, I greatly appreciated the creativity that was given to the students on the assignments.

What made these modules so memorable was how passionate the lecturers were on these subjects. They were both very easily approachable and made the whole learning experience one I will not forget

How has this course impacted your career and/or personal development so far?

I can’t stress enough how much this degree has changed me both personally and professionally.
Outside of the technical skills learned throughout my degree, it has given me a better idea to how I approach problems in everyday life. It has resulted in having a better self-awareness of my strengths, weaknesses, and what I am capable of if I put my mind to it. Professionally, this degree has opened doors for job offers in Singapore and Hong Kong, which I never would have thought would have been presented with, prior to commencing this program.

What advice would you give to anyone considering this online course?

As cheesy as this sounds – just do it! The support from everyone I’ve encountered throughout my time studying at Sussex was a memorable and exciting journey I will never forget.

Walusungu Lulukile Ngulube, one of our online students who is working as a Field Coordinator at the United Nations Development Programme from her home in South Sudan.

Why did you choose to study online with the University of Sussex?

I was working with Naturally Africa Volunteers and, in 2019, we received one of our youngest volunteers from the United Kingdom. After he heard that l was applying for my masters, he encouraged me to apply at the University of Sussex. He told me if l wanted to study and specialise on anything in the development sector, then University of Sussex was the best choice because they were ranked the first in the world for development studies. I did not need to be told twice!

I always thought l would study for my master’s onsite and never thought much about online studying. It was not as real as being in class physically, l thought.

However, one of the biggest lessons l have learnt this past year is that education does not have to be limited to a four-corner room with a lecturer standing in front of you. Schools closing during the covid-19 pandemic has proved that education can take place anywhere, in your home, outside seating in your garden and mostly online. The power to learn should not be limited to where it happens, but how it happens.

Why did you choose to study Sustainable Development MSc (online)?

Improving other people’s lives especially the most vulnerable is my purpose. In 2014, l founded a grassroots NGO called Inspiration Koner. I was keen on working with the youth, especially the marginalised. Growing up as an orphan, l thought l could relate to the challenges they were facing. I convinced myself that if l shared my story and motivated them enough then they would stay in school. However, things where not as l had imagined. Most of the youth came from difficult backgrounds and neighbourhoods – they needed something more than motivation.

During a candid conversation I shared with one of the volunteers while working at Naturally Volunteers Africa, they suggested that l consider applying for the MSc in Sustainable Development. The course was interdisciplinary, drawing concepts from economics, development studies, political science, innovation, science, technology, and society studies. It captured me, especially as someone who wants to specialise in the development sector for sustainable solution for the problems marginalised people face.

Niall Readfern, one of our online students who is the co-founder of Kuokoa, an NGO operating in Uganda and helping to create sustainable fisheries.

Why did you choose to study online with the University of Sussex?

I chose to study online with Sussex for two reasons. Firstly is the reputation of the University in the international development sector; the name came up time and time again when speaking with people in leading development agencies. Secondly was the responsiveness of support staff and the quality of online resources available, which is obviously extremely important when you are studying from another continent.

Why did you choose to study Sustainable Development MSc (online)?

My journey into the development sector was quite unorthodox coming from a creative arts background. Although I have been able to learn a great amount from experience, colleagues, and peers over the past 5 years, I felt like it was time to formalise and contextualise my knowledge by acquiring new tools to strengthen my work and expand my career prospects. The modules in the course look at various aspects of development and it takes a multidisciplinary and critical approach. This helps to understand methods more broadly and to be critical of their strengths and weaknesses, which I think is very important in such a multi-layered field. It provides the flexibility to apply the concepts you learn to issues that you resonate with, which helps to maintain engagement and really enjoy the assignments.

What’s been your favourite module so far and what made it so engaging?

It’s hard to answer this because I feel like every module has been engaging for their own reasons and they all feed into each other in a really enlightening way. That being said, so far, the Policy Analysis module has been my favourite. Although it was challenging, bringing new perspectives that I had not encountered before, it was also rewarding to bring my technical and creative mindset to problem solving and I really enjoyed working with other students in my group.

Final thoughts...

It took me a long time to pick out the course that I thought I would benefit from the most and I feel like I made a good choice. There is a lot of talent to draw from, from both the teaching staff and other students. The course is packed full of value, and I can enthusiastically recommend it.

We caught up with Richard Alexander Spence, one of our online students who a former British Army Officer and is now a Stabilisation Consultant for the UK Government’s Office for Conflict, Stabilisation and Mediation (OCSM).

Why did you choose to study online with the University of Sussex?

The University of Sussex holds a reputation as one of the leading educational institutions with research being internationally recognised. This was very important in my line of work in multinational stabilisation missions, where I transition among various partners, donors and agencies. As a former military officer, I didn’t have an opportunity (or the time) to progress through the world of academia and currently find myself in a working environment alongside epistemic communities who possess some serious academic qualifications in their respective fields. In this context, it is important for me to align my operational experience with the education I am receiving from teachers and researchers, who work at the forefront of their fields.

Why did you choose to study Sustainable Development MSc (online)?

My principle task/job involves advising partners on the application of Human Security considerations during security and defence operations. As such, it was important that I demonstrated the need to address the root causes of conflict, as much as protection of civilians during the conflict itself. Being highly multidisciplinary in content, the MSc in Sustainable Development was the perfect course to ensure I gained cross cutting knowledge of the main drivers for conflict. This allows me to adopt a more wholistic approach during my advisory capacity.

What’s been your favourite module so far and what made it so engaging?

I think they have all been superb and the knowledge I have gained has really surpassed my expectations. I guess Globalisation and the Environment was right up there as one that made me really pause and consider the upstream impact of how we conduct our lives in the Global North. The deep dive into political economy and ecology while covering issues such as climate change, waste, energy and food scarcity really brought home the need to understand the relationship between globalisation and the environment. However, I must also give a shout out to the Science, Technology and Innovation module, which really took me out of my comfort zone and on a journey into a world I had never been exposed to.

Yes, we offer a wide range of scholarships for both UK and International Masters students that vary in value from £2,000 up to £10,000. You can see a list of all the scholarships we offer, along with information on external funding sources, tuition fees, accommodation and living costs, and student budgeting on our funding pages on our website.

No, there’s no fee when you apply for a Masters course at Sussex, however, if you require a visa to study in the UK you may need to pay a tuition fee deposit before we can issue your Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) number, which you will need for your visa. The deposit doesn’t need to be paid until after you have met all your academic and language conditions and accepted an offer to study with us.

If you visit our website you can view a list of all the Masters courses we offer. If you click on the course you are interested in you can scroll down to the entry requirements to see UK entry requirements and International entry requirements. For the International entry requirements there is a drop down list where you can select your country to see what we are looking for. You’ll also find the English language requirements if English isn’t your first language, and any exemptions. We can be flexible with our entry requirements and take into account a number of factors when considering applications. Each application is assessed on a case by case basis and our admissions team will need to look at the whole application before a decision is made.

If you apply for a Masters which starts in September, you are guaranteed University-managed accommodation if you are a full-time international Masters student (from outside the UK) and apply for accommodation by 1 August. If applicable, you will be sent a housing offer once you have paid your Masters tuition fee deposit for international students. If you are exempt from paying this, you do not have to pay the deposit to secure guaranteed University-managed accommodation. If you’re not exempt from the tuition fee deposit, we’re unable to allocate you accommodation until you have paid, so do try to pay as soon as you can.

For the majority of our Masters courses the deadlines are 1 August for International applicants and 1 September for UK applicants, but you should always check the course page for the specific course you are interested in. Our Social Work MA/PG Dip has a January deadline and applications are dealt with by UCAS. All of our Masters courses start in September, except for the MBA, which also has a January start. You can apply for up to three Sussex Masters courses per year and we advise that you apply as soon as you are able to, as some courses do fill up.

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