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Helsinki  Finland

Welcome to the University of Helsinki, Finland's oldest and largest academic institution, renowned for its cutting-edge research and high-quality education. Situated in the vibrant capital city, our university offers a wide range of international master's programs in English, attracting a diverse global student body. As a top-ranked institution, we pride ourselves on our innovative teaching methods, extensive support services, and strong global network. Join us to experience an enriching academic journey and become part of a community dedicated to solving the world's most pressing challenges.

Why study at the University of Helsinki?

Prime Location: Study in Helsinki, a thriving capital city known for its rich culture, safety, and high quality of life.

Innovative Teaching: Experience dynamic and forward-thinking teaching methods that prepare you for future challenges.

World-Class Education: Benefit from top-ranked programs and cutting-edge research facilities in a vibrant international environment.


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ranked in the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities

Helsinki  Finland

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Geography (17) Geology (18) Biological Sciences (4) Education (11) Psychology (31) Sociology (33) Medicine (26) Communication & Media Studies (7) Politics & Government (30) Computer Science (8) Chemistry (6) Agriculture (1) Environmental Sciences (13) Economics (10) Materials Science (24) Physics (29) Theology & Religious Studies (34) Languages, Literature & Culture (21) Linguistics & Classics (23) Food Sciences (15) Mathematics (25) Law (22) Architecture, Building & Planning (3)

About the University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki's values are truth, Bildung, freedom, and inclusivity. These values are central to the university's identity and guide its operations:

  • Truth: Pursuing new knowledge through critical thinking and promoting high-quality research and teaching.
  • Bildung: Acting as a moral compass, fostering stability and open-mindedness.
  • Freedom: Encouraging creativity and affirming the university's autonomy and responsibility.
  • Inclusivity: Ensuring equality, respecting diversity, promoting openness and collaboration, and fostering democratic empowerment.

These values shape the university's mission to advance and share knowledge for societal benefit.

Student life in Helsinki is vibrant and dynamic, offering a rich blend of academic and extracurricular activities. The University of Helsinki's Student Union (HYY) plays a pivotal role in enhancing student life by advocating for student interests and organizing a plethora of events and services. Membership in HYY provides access to over 250 student organizations, ranging from faculty-specific groups to cultural, political, and sports clubs, fostering a strong sense of community and personal growth.

Helsinki itself is a student-friendly city, known for its safety, beautiful natural surroundings, and bustling cultural scene. Students can enjoy numerous traditions and events, such as the opening carnival, Fresher adventure, and Finland's Independence Day procession. The city’s excellent public transport system and numerous student discounts make exploring Helsinki both convenient and affordable.

Engaging in student organizations and participating in traditions like wearing student overalls, celebrating Vappu (May Day), and attending academic dinner parties (sitsit) are integral parts of the student experience. These activities not only provide entertainment but also opportunities for networking and learning beyond the classroom. The University of Helsinki ensures that every student can find their niche, make lasting friendships, and fully enjoy their time in this vibrant Nordic city.

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