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The University of Helsinki (UH) offers a wide range of Master’s Degree Programmes

University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki (UH) offers a wide range of Master’s Degree Programmes, taught entirely in English. The scope of our programmes is 120 ECTS credits, completed with two years of fulltime study. Some programmes are organised by the University of Helsinki along with other Finnish and foreign universities. All programmes comply with the national legislation governing university education and are, therefore, recognised globally. In addition, a number of regular Master’s degrees can also be completed in English.

So what makes Helsinki such a cool place? Helsinki is a very safe, modern and green city with half a million friendly folks. Everything here is easy to reach and things work here. Helsinki Is a good place to explore the cool urban culture, surrounding nature and the sea that makes its presence felt everywhere in Helsinki. In addition to being the capital city of Finland, Helsinki has a reputation of being a vibrant city for students. With several higher education institutions in the Helsinki area and 60,000 university students, it caters to the needs of students from all walks of life. A wide range of international study programmes welcome new students to Helsinki from all over the world.

The University of Helsinki (UH) offers a wide range of Master’s Degree Programmes

It’s also home to one of the world’s top universities. Though Finland only has a population of about five and a half million people, there is still plenty of scientific expertise and creativity to drive one of Europe’s leading multidisciplinary research universities, the University of Helsinki. Today the university works on the cutting edge of modern science. High-quality basic research forms the solid foundation for applied research and product development, making it the key to sustainable wellbeing for everyone. Research at the University of Helsinki is truly multidisciplinary – breaking boundaries and generating new insights of great global value.

Top research and high-level education attract committed and motivated students, who, as studies have shown, have excellent employment prospects after graduation. The university’s 11 faculties have 35,000 degree students and 5,000 doctoral students. Teaching is provided by 4,000 teachers on four campuses in Helsinki and in several other locations, from the southernmost tip of Finland to its northernmost corner. The University has research stations in Kenya and Madagascar, among other places.


Helsinki Summer School is organised annually in August by the University of Helsinki. It is an international Summer School offering courses that cover a wide range of academic fields and multidisciplinary topics. Helsinki Summer School 2019 takes place on Aug 6–Aug 22. The final deadline to apply is June 17, 2019. Take a look at the courses

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