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 London, United Kingdom

Royal College of Art

Royal College of Art

Make change at the world’s #1 university for art and design.

The Royal College of Art is the world’s leading art and design university, having been ranked for eight consecutive years as the world’s number 1 art & design university in the QS World University subject rankings (2015-2022). Our postgraduate programmes enable you to tackle complex issues, push the boundaries of your practice, build your networks and find your voice as a professional in a changing world.

Committed to creating the next generation of artists, designers, researchers, creators and innovators, the RCA’s world-leading academic staff will guide and challenge you to push the boundaries of your practice. As the world’s largest community of postgraduate art and design students, you will be part of a collective of inspirational creative peers opening up new opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration. The RCA offers a Graduate Diploma conversion programme and Master’s, MPhil, MRes and PhD degrees. Based around the four Schools of Architecture, Arts & Humanities, Communication and Design, the broad range of disciplines on offer is based on a strong foundation of practice-based research and integrates STEAM subjects - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics - providing a unique and transformative experience.

"I mainly expected this experience to help me develop my architectural skills, however it has given much more than just that. It has transformed the way I think as an individual as well as an architect and helped me make decisions about my future career."
Ameneh Solati, MA Architecture, 2015 -17

Our Global Creative Community

Students come to the College from across the globe and bring with them a wide range of backgrounds, educational approaches and experiences - due to the cross-disciplinary nature of our work, and our growing range of courses, nearly 25% of students now come to the RCA with a Bachelor's degree in a subject other than art and design. Studying here means you'll be part of a network of inspiring students in a city known for creative culture, and part of the RCA’s rich history since its formation in 1837. Both the RCA and London as a whole are hubs of activity; full of places where you can socialise, explore and make new discoveries.

Our London campus is spread throughout the heart of one of the world’s most creative cities, with sites in the historic surroundings of Kensington, the future-thinking hub of White City and the cultural quarter in Battersea.

Our facilities and technical equipment are amongst the best of their kind in the world and support students in their explorations of the creative possibilities of both the new and innovative and traditional craft skills.

Scholarships and funding

The RCA offers a wide range of scholarships and bursary schemes, open to UK and International students, and across our full range of courses. Visit our website for more information about our schemes and how to apply for them. There are also Government funded options for both our Master's degrees and for our doctoral research Programmes (for UK students).

Where will the RCA take you?

Whatever your creative career aspirations, the RCA can help you realise them. A qualification from the world’s number one ranked university for Art & Design has proven invaluable to the careers and practice of thousands of graduates. You too could be part of our international network of creative individuals who have shaped, and continue to shape, the world surrounding us, and address some of the biggest global challenges of our time.

Ready to make change? Start your application now for a programme that will empower you to expand your imagination and become a leader in your field.