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University of Essex Online provide 100% online part-time Masters degrees and short courses in business, computing, education, health, law, criminology and psychology. Our students benefit from a flexible approach to learning while receiving the same dedicated support they expect from a top UK university. We are one of the longest-running providers of wholly online degrees in the UK and we’ve put over a decade of expertise to good use in designing our programmes. Whether you're an experienced professional looking to progress your career or a recent graduate who wants to boost their CV, online study is a cost-effective, convenient and flexible way to get ahead.

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Study 100% online, part-time, with our innovative virtual learning environment – providing 24/7 access to lecturecasts, seminars, discussion forums, Q&A sessions and the eLibrary.

Receive your qualification from the University of Essex, recognised as a top 40 UK university (Complete University Guide 2024).

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About the University of Essex Online

University of Essex Online courses are delivered by Kaplan Open Learning. We have been working in partnership with the University of Essex since 2007. For over a decade we have been offering high-quality 100% online and part-time undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Today we have students studying with us in 140 countries worldwide and over 3,000 online students have successfully graduated with us.

All our courses are specifically designed for online delivery, combining gold standard teaching with the latest technology and enabling you to gain a top-class education from anywhere in the world. Our online tutors are leading authorities and specialists in their respective fields. They are passionate about what they teach and combine their knowledge of industry practice with high-quality academic delivery, offering you an unparalleled learning experience.

Your course will be delivered through a state-of-the-art virtual learning environment, which provides you with 24/7 access to high-quality resources, including lecturecasts, discussion forums, live seminars and Q&A sessions, as well as an eLibrary. Even your assessments will be completed entirely online – there’s no need for you to travel to an assessment centre!

All our programmes are awarded and validated by the University of Essex, an award-winning university with a 50-year heritage of teaching and research excellence. On completion of your studies, you’ll be invited to graduate at the University of Essex’s Colchester campus. You will receive the same certificate as campus-based students – your mode of study is only mentioned on your academic transcript.

2024 marks 60 years of the University of Essex – and to celebrate this milestone, we’re offering a 10% scholarship on all our Masters programmes and online professional courses. Please note, the deadline for this scholarship is 31 July.

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You must enrol from 1 July 2024 on one of our Masters programmes and online professional courses. To find out more or to be considered for a scholarship, please contact our Admissions team.

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10% discount


If you're graduate of University of Essex or University of Essex Online, we’ll award you a 10% discount on your Masters tuition fees. This is only applicable to students studying online and does not apply to students studying on campus.

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International students residing in specific regions outside of the UK may be eligible for a partial scholarship for our undergraduate and postgraduate online courses.

Students residing in Africa can also enjoy a 20% scholarship on all eligible undergraduate and postgraduate courses until the end of the 2023-24 academic year.

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We’ll offer you a 5% discount if you pay your full course fee up-front. This is only applicable to students studying online and does not apply to students studying on campus.

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The course is amazing. It isn’t easy.

I needed an online course as running the business does take up a lot of my time. I looked into the different options and their course was well explained and the information given by the team was very straight forward and easy to understand.

The course is amazing, it isn’t easy, and you need to be focused and make time to read the literature and complete your modules but it has ignited a passion for learning that I had forgotten I had. It is important that you learn how to manage your time and ensure you make the most of any study time you get.

The course is well structured, and the online forum is easy to use. There is a lot of ongoing support so if you are unsure of something you can always contact either your student support team or your tutor. You are never made to feel that any question is silly, being new to study and being older I was worried that I would look daft and ask silly questions but not once have any of the team made me feel that way.

There is so much support from the team at the University of Essex Online. They are on hand all the way through the process of applying for your course, the funding options available and they support you as you go along.

I was hesitant and put off doing this for years as I doubted my ability and didn’t feel confident enough but now I wish I had taken the leap years ago.

It’s definitely really worthwhile.

Although you are online, when you come to Essex for graduation it really puts it into perspective what you’ve actually done. Dedicate the time to it – it’s not really something that you can just slot in. You have to really make it part of your everyday life.

I know that Essex is a good university, and I know that you can do other online study options, but to have a degree with a respected university is what appealed to me. There were certain modules that I really enjoyed, like the Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Communications ones. But even the ones that I didn’t enjoy as much still had parts that I enjoyed.

I already had a part-time job doing marketing for a furniture company. I’m going to go full-time with that and I’m interested in doing a postgrad or seeing what options are available.

I was particularly impressed with the way that the online programme was structured.

My Student Advisor Rebekah was very helpful in advising me and guiding me through the process. All the faculty who taught the modules were very very helpful; they taught me so much. I’ve learnt a lot of things and I’m willing and ready to use them in my career path.

I particularly loved the discussion forums. It was a platform for us to engage with each other, so it helped us as online participants to get to know each other and think about different things. It helped me open my mind to a lot of different ideas.

Now that I’ve finished my degree, the first thing I plan to do is to better myself in my role at work. I just started a new role last month so I’m looking forward to using my experiences from here to grow that. On the side I do some consultancy as well, and I have helped manage a few people in showbiz. This is a great degree that I can use to project manage the things that I do on that front. I plan to start my consultancy full-blown in a couple of years so I’m sure that insight from this degree will be very helpful for that.

I chose to study Public Health because the course is beneficial to my current career aspirations.

With this course I will gain a broader perception of health and it will allow me to address the primary health care disease burden in my country as well as water hygiene and sanitation, child protection and a lot more.

I picked University of Essex Online because of three reasons. Firstly, the affordability when compared to other schools of the same standard, the flexibility considering the nature of my work. I needed a programme which allowed me time and space for both my studies and personal development, that also fitted into my working life. Lastly, the quality of the modules is what convinced me, compared with other places of learning.

So far so good, for me it has been a great experience and honour to be part of this academic community. The shared experience around the module discussions have been a great learning platform. It has been wonderful speaking to my course mates across the globe. I have been able to use the modules I am learning in my real-life work experiences which is amazing and makes studying a lot easier!

Being a naval chap, I thought that I was a broad, adaptable, comfortable manager.

However, as a mature student, the vagaries and pressures of work take priority and zap your energy, making the balance beyond work, between family and study even more precarious.

In maintaining the balance between work, study and home life, I learned that one has to set aside a period known as the “study period” and sacrifice being idle! Giving up free time simply means giving up time without purpose, a really neat trick of useful time management. And when in doubt, I sought the great bunch of tutors and student advisers at University of Essex Online.

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Grace Araba - BA (Hons) Business and Management

I am inspiring people even outside my family already. They believe if at my age I am doing a degree, then why not.

I am originally from Nigeria but I have lived in the UK for about 30 years and it has more or less become a second home. I retired in 2009 as a care manager in a mental health home setting.

It has always been my desire to do a degree course to back me up when I start my mental health care home after retirement. And Business and Management will lead me to the right direction. I am finding the course very useful and I am really gathering a lot of useful information to see me through my future business plan. I enjoy the course content and the support I get from my Student Adviser and my tutors. These have made my study easy and achievable by constant encouragement each time I feel like giving up.

Since my children are all grown, and I do not have to think of paying school fees again, I felt it was time to take care of myself too. I am inspiring people even outside my family already. They believe if at my age I am doing a degree, then why not. Of course, my grandchildren are already waiting to attend my graduation. So, even if I want to stop now, I cannot because I would not want to disappoint them. Two of my grandchildren are in college and they too are working hard to see that they excel so I can attend their graduation. So, it is like inspiring each other.

What is it like being an online student? 

Being an online student is great as I can work at my own pace and within my own time. As I am not in front of anyone else, I do not feel that I am being put on the spot when it comes to my learning. I can work within my own space allowing me to use tools such as music which helps me focus and does not interfere with anyone else’s learning.  

Why did you decide to study Psychology? 

I decided to study Psychology due to personal reasons, through my past experiences I have been able to gain an insight into the benefits of mental health services. This motivated me to gain a Psychology degree so I can use my qualification to guide me into to a career that helps empower people to get the help that they deserve and to give something back to the community. Studying Psychology has allowed me to gain more personal insights to progress from the issues that I have experienced regarding other people’s views towards me. As I am gaining academic knowledge to support my hands on experience, I feel more confident having learned from both sides which has had an overall positive effect on my studies and my wellbeing.  

What would you say you have enjoyed most about this course? 

I have enjoyed learning new things about myself whilst studying Psychology which has helped me with my own personal circumstances. Although this course is challenging, I still find it very interesting. This has been helpful as it has allowed me to stay engaged which has contributed to successfully passing my assignments first time even when initially, I was not very confident on the assignment question. 

I feel terribly proud! I work as a forensic psychiatrist in Argentina and this course has been amazing, it has really changed my life and my working practice.

The teachers are excellent, my classmates were also really supportive and all the team at the University. All the people have been extremely kind to me. I really don’t feel like a foreign student, I feel like I have been studying here all my life and this is because of the University.

The advice I have for people considering online study is you have to go for it, yes definitely! It’s the best experience, and England is the best place to study abroad, I have tried and attempted to do it in other countries and it’s not so easy. Here things are very accessible, and the teachers are the best. The team supports you and guides you throughout this journey that is complicated. It is full of obstacles, but they really encourage you to get to the end. So, you have to do it, especially here at Essex.

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