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Haifa  Israel

Located in a multi-cultural city on top of Mount Carmel with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea, the University of Haifa is the ideal setting for your Israeli MultiExperience. Join us for a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore new cultures, meet people from all over the world and leverage your knowledge, in an atmosphere of excellence, diversity, sustainability and innovation.

Why study at the University of Haifa?

Worldwide renowned professors and academic staff.

20 1-2 year Master Programs delivered in English.

Students from over 90 countries in Israel's most beautiful and diverse city.



Haifa  Israel

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Biological Sciences (4) Environmental Sciences (13) Business & Management (5) Nursing & Health (27) History & Archaeology (19) Politics & Government (30) Economics (10) Information Services (20) Computer Science (8) Languages, Literature & Culture (21) Anthropology (2) Law (22) Education (11) Psychology (31) Mathematics (25) Geology (18)

About the University of Haifa

Welcome to UHaifa International – the University of Haifa’s International School. Situated on the top of Mount Carmel in one of the most beautiful and culturally diverse campuses and cities in the world, we offer a holistic perspective on learning and living. Balancing quality education with the magic of nature, urban life, and a diverse, inclusive and vibrant international community, we provide a unique MultiExperience unmatched by any other educational institution.

The first university in Israel to fully commit to the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), UHaifa promotes an environmental and social sustainability approach and focuses on diversity, equal opportunity, and inclusion in a top educational environment. Commitment to SDG’s is an integral part of faculty research, teaching, and administration, and can be seen in our campus life and program affordability with attractive scholarship options. Collaborating with staff and students to make a positive impact on the world, we continue to climb the Times Global Impact ranking, solidifying our position as a leader in global sustainability, committed to make the world a better place.

A home-away-from-home to our amazing students who come to us from 90 countries worldwide, our diverse programs and international Master’s degrees combine academia with real-world experience and skills, providing students with a competitive edge in the job market.

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