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The University of Groningen is one of the oldest universities in the Netherlands

University of Groningen

About the University of Groningen

The University of Groningen is a top 100 research university with a global outlook. We are currently ranked 75th on the Times Higher Education ranking and offer over 30 English-taught Bachelor's programmes and over 125 Master's programmes. Founded in 1614, the university is one of the oldest research universities in the Netherlands. We are a truly international university, with over 36,000 students, of which 9,000 are international students from over 127 different nationalities.

Why choose Groningen?

Top-quality education: the University of Groningen offers a varied range of interesting, highly regarded degree programmes. As a student, you will receive high-quality supervision and have many options to choose from. The University of Groningen has been awarded the 'Best Traditional University in the Netherlands' quality label.

Top-notch research: we are among the top research universities in Europe. In 2016, our professor Ben Feringa won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. The University carries out ground-breaking and socially relevant research and our research builds bridges between disciplines.

Vibrant student life: Groningen is a vibrant student city. Its population has the lowest average age in the Netherlands. One in four of the 200,000 inhabitants is a student. Students can be seen everywhere: studying in the park, enjoying the nightlife and working various part-time jobs. Groningen is a safe and green city to live in and was chosen as one of the happiest cities in Europe.

405 years of reputation: The University of Groningen has a rich history and an excellent reputation. Many very talented people in a variety of disciplines have studied or worked at the university during the 400 years of its existence, including four Nobel Prize winners, the first female University student in the Netherlands, the first female lecturer, the first Dutch astronaut and the first president of the European Bank.

Truly international: We are known for our large international community. Nearly 9,000 international students study in Groningen annually from over 127 countries. Living in Groningen without speaking Dutch is not a problem; you will be able to order food, shop for clothes and even take sport classes in English. The University of Groningen has strong international connections, which means that you can easily spend part of your degree studying abroad. We also offer several unique international Master's programmes in cooperation with other large European universities.

The University of Groningen is one of the oldest universities in the Netherlands

Master's programmes

At the moment the University of Groningen offers over 125 English-taught  Master's programmes, 18 of which are labeled as a "Top Rated Programme" in the Netherlands.

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