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We have 3 Masters Degrees in Dresden, Germany


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Masters Degrees in Dresden, Germany

We have 3 Masters Degrees in Dresden, Germany

Dresden is a historic city in the German state of Saxony, near to the borders with the Czech Republic and Poland. Now established as one of Germany’s most important centres for high-tech research manufacture (and an important hub within ‘Silicon Saxony’) the city is home to several higher education providers and over 42,000 students.

What’s it like to study a Masters in Dresden?

Historically, Dresden developed as the principle city and capital of Saxony, an important region that variously existed as a duchy, free state and electorate, prior to the unification of Germany in the 19th century.

The complexities of Saxony’s history probably won’t matter too much to you (unless you’re considering a Masters in European Studies, perhaps) but Dresden’s past significance has left its mark on the modern city, including its cultural and political connections with nearby Poland and the Czech Republic.

Sadly, much of the inner city was controversially destroyed by Allied bombing during the second world war. Some of the most important buildings have seen been rebuilt as part of an ongoing process of reconciliation and reconstruction. They include the Semperoper opera house, where great European composers including Richard Wagner and Richard Strauss premiered some of their most famous works, as well as the Frauenkirche, the original ruins of which were preserved for 50 years as a war memorial.

These and other historic buildings provide plenty for international Masters students to see and do in Dresden, but the city is also famous for the numerous parks, woodlands and other carefully conserved green spaces that make up over 63% if its area: perfect if you’re looking for somewhere to relax and reflect on your studies (or just relax).

If you’re after more lively entertainment you should make your way to the Neustadt, Dresden’s modern section and home to a range of restaurants, cafes, jazz bars and other entertainment venues. This part of the city is also home to most of Dresden’s student accommodation (so perhaps you won’t have to make your way there after all).

Beyond Dresden itself lies the Dresden Elbe Valley, a former UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its natural landscapes and habitats, picturesque cities and vineyards.

Universities in Dresden

International students in Dresden have a wide range of options to choose from. The largest research university in the city (and one of the largest in Germany) is the local Dresden University of Technology, which focusses on various Science, Engineering and Business-related disciplines, with a range of English-language Masters programmes.

Other local university-level institutions include the Dresden University of Applied Sciences as well as a number of colleges and academies specialising in Music, Fine Arts and Dance.

Careers in Dresden

As the biggest city in ‘Silicon Saxony’ Dresden offers excellent employment opportunities for talented international postgraduates. Major companies with a presence in the region include AMD’s GlobalFoundries, Infineon, Siemens and Volkswagen.

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