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We have 7 Masters Degrees (Genetic Counselling)


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Masters Degrees (Genetic Counselling)

We have 7 Masters Degrees (Genetic Counselling)

Genetic Counselling is the process of providing information and support to individuals and families at risk of, or affected by, genetic conditions. It is aimed at helping them understand and come to terms with the condition, make informed decisions and cope with the psychological and practical implications.

A Masters in Genetic Counselling can help you learn how to counsel families and individuals who may be at risk for genetic disorders. You’ll find out how to assess risk, provide information and support, and help people make decisions about their health.

You’ll learn about the science of genetics, including how genes are inherited and how they can affect health. This knowledge will help you understand the risks involved in genetic disorders and how to best counsel families about them.

You’ll gain important skills in communication and ethics. Genetic Counselling can be a sensitive and emotionally charged field, so it’s important to be able to communicate effectively with clients. You’ll also learn about ethical issues related to genetics, such as confidentiality and informed consent.

Many Masters programmes in Genetic Counselling offer postgraduates the chance to complete a placement with a local hospital or clinical practice.

Why study a Masters in Genetic Counselling?

Studying a Masters in Genetic Counselling is ideal preparation for a career in the health service, where there may also be the opportunity to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team. Your skills and knowledge will also be valued across the fields of Genetics, Genomics and other Biosciences.

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