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We have 102 Masters Degrees (Disability Studies)


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Masters Degrees (Disability Studies)

We have 102 Masters Degrees (Disability Studies)

A Masters Degree in Disability Studies is an interdisciplinary academic programme designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of disability from historical, cultural, social, and political perspectives.

This advanced degree goes beyond the medical model of disability, focusing instead on the lived experiences of disabled people and exploring how societal structures and attitudes shape those experiences.

Students engage with critical theories, policy analysis, and participatory research methods to question conventional notions of normalcy and ability.

Why study a Masters in Disability Studies

Disability Studies graduates are well-equipped for careers in various sectors including education, healthcare, and nonprofit organisations that are focused on rights advocacy or service provision for disabled people. They also emerge as leaders who can influence policy-making or contribute to academia by pushing forward discussions about accessibility, equality and human rights.

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