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We have 23 Masters Degrees (Addiction)


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Masters Degrees (Addiction)

We have 23 Masters Degrees (Addiction)

A Masters Degree in Addiction is a graduate-level programme that specialises in the study and treatment of various types of substance abuse disorders. This advanced degree allows individuals to deeply comprehend the psychological, physiological, and sociological impacts of drug addiction, alcoholism, and other kinds of dependencies.

The curriculum generally includes subjects like counseling techniques, prevention strategies, crisis intervention, legal and ethical issues related to substance abuse. Students also learn about many facets of addiction including behavioral addictions like gambling or eating disorders which command an increasingly recognised significance in the field.

A Masters Degree in Addiction is typically structured over a period of one to two years, depending on whether the student is enrolled full-time or part-time. The programme's course load combines both theoretical and evidenced-based practical knowledge to provide comprehensive training.

Why study a Masters in Addiction

Pursuing a Master's Degree in Addiction can open up numerous opportunities for those interested in helping individuals and communities overcome addiction-related issues. This advanced academic program equips students with crucial skills on behavioral, psychological, social aspects of addiction, enabling them to gain a holistic perspective on substance abuse and dependency disorders.

These tools allow them to support all stages of recovery from intervention and treatment through to aftercare programmes.

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