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Masters Scholarships in Denmark

Written by Ben Taylor

Denmark has a well-earned reputation for being a great postgraduate destination, with several excellent universities and a famously high quality of life. But what scholarships are available for international students hoping to study a Masters in Denmark?

We’ve written a guide to some of the most significant scholarship programmes in Denmark, as well as a summary of the country’s generous grants and loans for university students, which could be available for international students in some circumstances.

You can also browse Danish Masters programmes listed on our website or check out our guide to Masters study in Denmark.

Masters scholarships for international students in Denmark

Even though tuition is free at Danish universities for EU, EEA and Swiss nationals, other international students will have to pay for a Masters. Fortunately, there are several funding options designed to help talented students study a Masters in Denmark, with government scholarships as well as the possibility of state benefits in certain circumstances.

Danish State Educational Support (SU)

The Danish Government operates a generous programme of grants and loans for university students.

Although this support (referred to as SU) is primarily intended for Danish citizens, there are certain circumstances in which international students are eligible to receive a government grant or loan.

These are some of the most common situations where EU, EEA and Swiss nationals may be able to apply for equal status to Danish citizens:

  • You are considered a migrant worker under EU law, having worked a minimum of 10 to 12 hours a week in Denmark for at least 10 weeks
  • You’ve lived in Denmark for at least five years

Even if you’re not an EU national, you might be able to claim SU in the following circumstances:

  • You’ve worked in Denmark for at least two years, completing at least 30 hours of employment a week
  • You’ve been ordinarily resident (i.e. not for the sole purpose of study) in Denmark for at least five years

You can find out more about SU eligibility on the official Danish Government website.

If you qualify for SU, you can claim a maximum grant of €885 per month. In addition, you can apply for an SU loan of up to €405 per month. Depending on the size of the loan, you’ll need to pay this back in seven to 15 years. Find out more about SU loans.

Danish Government scholarships for highly qualified non-European students

Every year the Danish Government funds a number of scholarships for promising non-EU / EEA students. Danish universities decide which international applicants to allocate these scholarships to, generally awarding them to students with the strongest academic record. You won’t be able to receive one of these scholarships if you’re eligible for the SU support described above.

The exact scholarship depends on the university, as well as the department you’re applying to. You should check with your institution to find out exactly how much is on offer. Generally speaking, a scholarship will be a full (or partial) tuition fee waiver and / or a contribution to your living costs in Denmark.

You don’t have to make an application to these scholarships – your university will automatically consider you for the funding and contact you if you’re successful.

Fulbright Commission scholarships

If you’re an American national, you could apply for a Fulbright scholarship to complete a year of postgraduate study at a Danish university. This could either be as an exchange / guest student or to complete a full Masters degree.

These grants are worth €16,803 for 10 months of study in Denmark. If you’re a guest student, you’ll receive a tuition fee waiver, but if you’re planning to study a full Masters, you’ll have to pay tuition fees.

You should apply online for a Fulbright scholarship, as well as making a separate application to the Danish university you’d like to attend. The application process opens in Spring and closes in October.

Masters fees for international students in Denmark

If you’re an EU, EEA or Swiss national, you won’t have to pay any tuition fees for a Masters in Denmark.

However, other international students should expect to pay between €6,000 and €16,000 per year for a Masters (bear in mind that most Danish Masters are two years long).

Application fees

EU, EEA and Swiss nationals won’t usually pay a fee to apply for a Masters in Denmark, as well as those who hold permanent residence in Denmark.

Other international students may have to pay an application fee of around €100. You’ll also need to pay for a visa to study in Denmark.

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Last updated: 15 November 2022