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Sciences Po or College of Europe Natolin

User: Francisco - 16 June 2022 21:48

Hello everyone!

Recently, I was accepted to do my Masters in two institutions: Sciences Po Paris (to study International Governance and Diplomacy) and the College of Europe (the Natolin campus), to study European Interdisciplinary Studies.

As you can imagine, I’m facing a very difficult decision, since they’re both great institutions. In the College, I’ll receive a partial scholarship (I’ll pay 1/3 of it), it’s a great way to work in the european institutions in the future, we have two study trips abroad included, it’s only one year, and the concept underlying the College is just fantastic. However, the MA I was accepted in (European Interdisciplinary Studies) was not my first option in the College (that was EU International Relations and Diplomacy in Bruges), and I believe this MA is too restritive (I’ll do the European Neighbourhood Policy major) and gives me less future career options than the one in Sciences Po Paris (the College is more focused on the EU, which I don’t completely mind).

In Sciences Po Paris, I’ll have a full scholarship, it’s in amazing Paris, it offers the possibility to do an internship instead of a thesis (although the programme covers two years) and I believe the MA is more general and broad, something that gives me more options afterwards. The downsides of this programme regard the fact that the entry in the EU is more difficult and the duration of the programme.

At the same time, I know that attending the College is not THE factor that decides if you can join the european institutions (even though being an important one), but it’s what’s holding me back regarding going or not to Paris. Do you think or know if the difference between attending the College or Sciences Po with regard to working in the EU is that big? Thank you!