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Looking for a job in IT in Germany

User: devsam - 04 May 2022 13:14


I am studying for a master's degree in computer science in Germany and I am looking for a job to subsidize my studies. I prefer a job in my domain which is IT.

Anyone have an idea ?
Thank you

User: Henrio - 17 January 2024 05:37


We find ourselves in a similar situation. I graduated from a university in Germany, and currently, I am actively searching for a job. Despite my efforts in the past months, I have been unsuccessful. During interviews, I struggled to answer a specific question, which hindered my chances of securing a position.

Given this, I have decided to explore other opportunities. This situation has caused me stress, as I have never experienced failure in exams before. Managing this stress is now a priority for me. A friend suggested various relaxation( techniques that I am keen to explore.