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Master's Advertising/Marketing/Graphic Design

User: hshoda - 09 March 2022 22:50

Hey guys so I've been confused lately about future plans and need insight on what I should do. Any advice would be great!

I am a junior standing college student studying in the U.S., going to graduate with a BA in Business Admin w/ a concentration in marketing. My school doesn't offer any graphic design courses or a study in advertising.

My background w/graphic design:

- graphic designer for school publication

- I have an internship lined up for graphic design/marketing

- graphic design manager for next SY

My biggest goal is to live and work abroad, so I came to the conclusion that it would be best to study abroad (preferably in Europe) so it would be easier for me to network, while also learning the language and culture of that country. I am from Italy but do not want to study for a master's there. I am looking into countries like Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. I know a master's in graphic design is not worth my money as a great portfolio will make me stand out.

But seeing that my undergraduate education does not support my needs I hope to specialize through a master's programme. I am very passionate about editorial design but I am not sure what schools to look into. I have looked into several schools but they are either too marketing focused (more data and statistics) or too graphic design focused. I am not sure what I should do....

I want a job with great career prospects but Im worried in graphic design there is little wiggle room in comparison to other degrees

Should I focus more on applying to master's in marketing programmes, advertising programmes, or graphic design programmes?