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UK part time masters and moving abroad

User: Fitzi - 01 December 2021 09:20

Hello, I am from the UK and looking to study a part time 2 year masters remotley online. I am also looking to move abroad to Canada for those 2 years. I have recently been given information that student finance England will not fund me if I am living abroad during my masters. Was wondering if anyone has experienced the same and if there is anyway around this? Thanks so much for any information

User: PhoenixFortune - 01 December 2021 15:01

One of the requirements for receiving the postgraduate loan from SFE is to be living in the UK for the whole duration of your course. The only way around it might be if you had a semester abroad as part of your course (but even then, that's not the whole duration). Otherwise, you'd have to self-fund.

User: BobPlymouth - 22 June 2022 06:57

Interesting. It's a new system now. After Brexit perhaps?