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Masters in Data Science

User: rodsms - 13 December 2021 08:27


I have 20 years' experience in Software Program Management in USA and now looking to do a master's in data science. I am looking for an online/part-time program. Please advise good programs that will provide high value at not so high cost.

I am looking to hear from folks who have done master's in data science and benefited from it.


User: Coriolis - 17 December 2021 11:43


The University of Bristol has a course, but it's not cheap:

Good luck!

User: tru - 18 December 2021 12:14

Hi, rodsms,

I don't do data science. But I can suggest the following:
1) Look for your contacts on LinkedIn who are in data science and ask them
2) Is it possible for you to transition directly into data science job? You have a lot of experience. With the current employees market, you should be in high demand. Perhaps get the job first and then learn on the job? Or ask your current employer or future one once you get the job to sponsor you on a short course?