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Research MSc in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience - Drug Development and Neurohealth

Course Description

NEW! This specialisation starts in September 2016
This specialisation provides a theoretical background and practical experience in pharmaceutical drug research & development, medicinal nutrition and personalised healthcare. It includes interactions with industry and regulatory agencies. The overarching theme is the pipeline of drug research & development from design of the molecule to its applications in healthcare settings.

Programme Outline
The programme covers the process of bringing a new pharmaceutical drug to the market once a lead compound has been identified (drug discovery). It includes pre-clinical research (in-vitro/in-vivo), clinical trials (in volunteers and patients) and obtaining marketing authorisation. Molecular, biological, neuroanatomical, electrophysiological, and behavioural techniques as well as biomarker development into diagnostics, clinical trial methodology and pharmacovigilance are taught.

The main research topics focus on clinical and pharmacological brain targets and biomarkers associated with affective-, neurodevelopmental-, neurodegenerative- and neurovascular disorders. Core courses are organised along these mechanisms/disorders including practical trainings to acquire necessary laboratory skills. Specific workshops like 'Genes and Proteins', 'Drug Metabolism', 'Psychopharmacology' and 'Pharmaco-epidemiology', provide additional technical knowledge.

Career focus
The Drug Development and Neurohealth specialisation equips researchers with the skills needed for pharmaceutical drug discovery & development and personalised healthcare in neuroscience in academic, industrial, as well as governmental settings.

Is this programme right for me?
Which brain drugs are most urgently needed in society? Do all drugs work the same in every individual or do we need to know the patients’ genotype (personalised healthcare)? Which genetic alterations make you more vulnerable to brain diseases and/or more receptive to drug effects in the brain? Can we develop biomarkers as diagnostics to predict drug effects in the brain? Can a change in diet or nutritional supplements be as effective as drug treatment? How do we translate new knowledge from R&D into a start-up company? If you are interested in such questions then Drug Development and Neurohealth is the right choice. Students with different backgrounds can participate and become a trained neuroscientist equipped for up-to-date drug research. Therefore, motivated students with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, biology, or life sciences are well suited to this programme.

The mission is to understand the interface of brain & behaviour in terms of biological mechanisms for which understanding the behavioural targets translates into neuropharmacological targets which in turn automatically translates into pharmaceutically developable treatment options for neurologic and psychiatric diseases.

Research lines are associated with the research schools:
- EURON: European Graduate School of Neuroscience
- GROW: Research School for Oncology and Developmental Biology
- CARIM: School for Cardiovascular Diseases
- MHeNS: Mental Health and Neuroscience

Students who complete the Research Master track Drug Development and Neurohealth receive an excellent preparation to start a PhD programme either within an academic or a pharmaceutical- or nutritional- industry R&D setting.

Entry Requirements


Course Fees


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