Whilst we're not able to run our physical study fairs, we ran four subject specific virtual study fairs in 2020 and are planning more for 2021!

If you would like to be the first to hear about exhibiting at our 2021 virtual study fairs, please contact our dedicated Events Team at


Whether exhibitors were promoting Masters courses or PhD opportunities, our subject specific focused events ensured they had the most relevant representatives from their institution on-hand to engage with our highly-targeted audience.


Do you have questions about exhibiting at our virtual study fairs? Take a look at our frequently asked questions below.

Exhibiting at our Virtual Study Fair

Why should I exhibit at one of your Virtual Study Fairs?

Exhibiting at one of our Virtual Study Fairs will give you access to our audience of high-quality prospective students, interested specifically in STEM & Medicine and AHSS Masters and PhD opportunities. Whilst you may be unable to run your own on-campus events you can show that you are open for business and actively recruiting at this event. You'll receive details of all attendees you chat to during the fairs, as well as benefit from extensive marketing and promotion through our channels, delivering brand affiliation and awareness for your institution.

Who is the target audience?

Our virtual study fairs are open for exhibitors wishing to promote their Masters and PhD opportunities to prospective students interested in STEM and Medicine, and to those interested in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

As per our physical fairs, our virtual fairs will be open to prospective students, whatever their current role or position, who are interested in studying a Masters in 2021, but also further down the line i.e. 2022 dates too.

Virtual Study Fair promotion

How are the events promoted?

Our Virtual Study Fair will be promoted to our worldwide FindAMasters, and FindAPhD audience, including over 170,000 newsletter subscribers, as well as social, digital and programmatic campaigns.

We produce social assets for you to share with your audience in order to promote your attendance at the fairs. If you require specific assets please email and we will be happy to support.

Virtual Study Fair software and data

What software is being used for the events, and what sort of features does it have?

We use vFairs as the software provider for our virtual events. As part of this software, each exhibitor is able to upload their own stand information in the back-end, which has easy step-by-step instructions to help you create your stand. As part of creating your stand, you’ll be able to upload documents (such as prospectuses), videos (YouTube or vimeo), a university profile, links to your website and social media channels and information about all your programmes on offer. There is also a built-in live chat function which will allow you to have 1:1 chat with attendees, initiated by you.

What data will I receive after the events and when I will receive this by?

After the fair has taken place we will be able to send you the details of all the attendees who visited your stand and transcripts from all of your conversations. We can also let you know which were the most clicked areas of your stands.

Is the fair GDPR compliant?

Yes, when students register they will agree to be contacted by the universities present at the Virtual Study Fairs. You can view our privacy policy here.

How does the vFairs chat functionality work?

The chat tool will allow multiple representatives on your stand to have 1:1 chat with attendees, this can be text or audio and video chat and you are able to initiate the conversation, or just wait for attendees to visit your stand. The chat function shows you a list of everyone who is currently in your stand.

Virtual Study Fair booth set-up

How do I login to the back-end?

You will receive an email from the Virtual Study Fair support team, this email contains a link for setting up your booth. Simply click ‘Booth setup Link’ in the email and this will take you to the back-end of the system. If you have any problems please email

What is the 'point of contact' and can I change this?

The point of contact will receive all communications regarding the set-up of your booth, including the main login details. The point of contact will be the person who booked the fair, if you would like to change these details please email the Events Team at

How do I add additional representatives to my booth?

Adding additional representatives is extremely straight forward. Simply select ‘Booth Rep Accounts’ from the left-hand menu and click ‘ Add user’. We recommend setting a different password for each representative but please note that these may be visible to other representatives in your booth and the event organiser.

What can I upload to my booth and how?

You will be able to upload the below assets to your booth, the software will guide you through the process step by step.

Company logo – To Upload your company logo select ‘Basic Information’ from the left-hand menu and drop your file on to the upload button, the logo should be 110x30px.

Banners - This will depend on which booth template you choose, there are over 40 templates to choose from. Ensure the ‘Show Dimensions’ button is ticked and this will show you the dimensions of the banners needed for your selected booth template. The first time you upload assets it is essential you do this in the number order shown on screen.

Documents and Videos - Select ‘Documents/Videos’ in the left-hand menu. Give your documents a title and upload by dropping files into the upload box, documents can be in PDF, Excel, Word or PowerPoint format.

To upload videos, simply enter the URL of the video in the URL box and give them a title. Please note that videos must be hosted on either YouTube or Vimeo and cannot be uploaded directly to the platform.

Links – Select ‘Contact Links’ in the left-hand menu, enter the URL and give your link a title. Here is where you are able to link to your PhD programmes.

When is the deadline for uploading everything to my booth?

In order to confirm everything is set up ahead of the fair, and to give enough time for the event organisers to check each exhibitors booth, please ensure everything is uploaded at least two weeks before the event.

Can I make edits to my booth after I submitted it?

Yes, simply use the link in the email from Virtual Study Fair support to go back and create any changes you wish to make.