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22 Apr 2021 08 Jul 2021

Masters Class MA Taster Series

NUA Masters Class Online MA Taster Series

Join NUA’s artists, academics, and professionals from across the contemporary arts in our new online series for a taste of the creative practice and critical thinking on our MA courses.

Our Masters Class series gives an insight into emerging ideas, experimental approaches, and new ways of thinking about creativity.

The online lectures and seminars span a range of disciplines—from Fine Art, film making, and animation, to textile design, curation, and games.

Designed to showcase MA-level study, other sessions explore how to create the artist’s traditional declaration of intent, the manifesto.

Sessions include:

  • Why do we have ideas that don't work? A guide through creative thinking theory models and how to use them.
  • Making your ideas into Moving Image: Exploring some traditional and experimental approaches to test your ideas, from inspiration to the creation of Moving Image for Animation and Film production.
  • Textiles meet technology: exploring a range of textile research and thinking looking at how we can further enhance the natural tactile and comforting qualities of textiles.
  • Going walkabout- exploring space and temporality. Explores the growing relevance of walking as an active mode of creative practice.
  • Diagrammatic (Re) thinking—How to position your practice conceptually and contextually. This workshop will challenge participants to rethink the diagram as a way of articulating your work, your methodologies, and the contextual field you are operating.
  • You can all make games. Competition between the games engine titans Epic and Unity has brought forward an age of commercially facing software that allows anyone and everyone with a computer or even a mobile phone to learn and attempt to create games. Why don't you start today?

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