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Masters Degrees in USA

We have 598 Masters Degrees in USA

When it comes to postgraduate study abroad in the USA, size matters - but so does depth. The American approach to graduate education means that Masters degrees in the USA are internationally renowned for their academic rigor and their focus on a suite of transferrable skills.

Why study a Masters in the USA?

With one of the world's largest and most varied higher education systems, the USA offers a huge range of opportunities for postgraduate (or, rather, 'graduate') study abroad. Masters degrees in the USA can be part of academic programmes at internationally renowned research universities, or prestigious professional qualifications at top business and management schools. Meanwhile, a vast range of other specialised institutions offer unique postgraduate training opportunities in almost every field imaginable. The sheer size of the USA itself also makes it hard to beat when it comes to the extra-curricular activities that are key to any worthwhile study abroad experience. Each individual state offers its own unique attractions and, with a little planning, you might well be able to visit a few - making your Masters in the USA an educational experience in more ways than one.

How popular is Masters study abroad in the USA?

The USA attracts over 900,000 international students, making it the most popular study abroad destination in the world by a considerable margin. In fact, nearly 20% of the world's mobile students study in the USA - many of them on the country's internationally recognised and renowned graduate Masters programs.

How long is a Masters degree in the USA?

The length of a Masters in the USA varies depending on the type of course in question, but is usually between one and three years. Many academic courses are part of wider graduate programs, with the option to proceed on to PhD-level work where appropriate.

How much does it cost to study a Masters in the USA?

Tuition fees for US Masters degrees vary significantly between courses and institutions, but international students don't usually pay more than other 'out of state' students. Approximate fees for a Masters degree at a US public university are between $20,000 and $30,000 per year. You can find more information in our guide to Masters fees and funding in the USA.

Will I need a visa to study a Masters in the USA?

International students will need to hold an appropriate visa in order to study abroad in the USA. This is usually easy to apply for, provided you have been accepted by a recognised American university.

Learn more about studying a Masters in the USA

The USA is a big country with one of the world's largest and most varied higher education systems. That's why our guide to studying a Masters in the USA is one of the biggest and most detailed we've ever produced. There you can find out more about American universities, their graduate programs, their application requirements and the process of acquiring an American student visa. We've also put together a postgraduate student's guide to living in the USA and American university rankings.

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