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We have 2,008 Masters Degrees in Scotland, United Kingdom


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Masters Degrees in Scotland, United Kingdom

We have 2,008 Masters Degrees in Scotland, United Kingdom

With its rich traditions and striking landscapes, a Masters degree in Scotland can make for a memorable study abroad experience. The country's unique combination of historic and modern universities also make the Scottish higher education system one of the most respected in Europe.

Why study a Masters in Scotland?

Did you know that four of the UK's six 'ancient universities' are located in Scotland? St Andrews, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow trace their origins to the medieval and renaissance periods and are the oldest British universities outside Oxford and Cambridge. They have been at the forefront of major scientific and cultural developments and continue to offer some of the UK's most prestigious postgraduate training.

These institutions offer conventional postgraduate Masters degrees, but also award Masters of Arts (MA) degrees at the end of intensive four year undergraduate programmes. In such cases the MLitt (Master of Letters) is usually offered as a postgraduate degree, avoiding confusion with 'undergraduate MAs'.

Scotland's other universities are also internationally respected, with their own proud traditions and a wide range of innovative training and research programmes. Many are also located in historic cities such as Stirling and Dundee, surrounded by Scotland's beautiful landscapes, rich history and vibrant modern culture.

How popular is Masters study in Scotland?

Nearly 50,000 international students study in Scotland, making the country the most popular study abroad region in the UK, after England.

How long is a Masters degree in Scotland?

Most Scottish Masters degrees take one year to complete. This is the same as elsewhere in the UK. Exceptions apply to some 'undergraduate Masters degrees', offered at Scotland's 'ancient universities'. These are four year undergraduate programmes, including three years of Bachelor's level study followed by a final year at Masters level.

How much does it cost to study a Masters in Scotland?

Postgraduate tuition fees in Scotland work differently to undergraduate tuition fees. Whereas Scottish undergraduates are able to study for free at Scottish universities, fees normally apply to all students on Masters programmes. Students from the UK and the EU (or EEA) usually pay fees at the 'home' rate, between £5,000 and £6,000 per year. International Masters fees in Scotland are usually between £12,000 and 15,000 per year.

Are Scottish Masters degrees taught in English?

Yes, universities in Scotland deliver all programmes in English. Scots Gaelic is spoken by some inhabitants of Scotland, but is not used as an official language.

Will I need a visa to study a Masters in Scotland?

Scotland operates within the UK-wide student visa system. Unless you are an EU or EEA national, you will need a visa to study a Masters abroad in Scotland.

Learn more about studying a Masters in Scotland

You can find more general information about studying a Masters in Scotland (or elsewhere in the UK) in our guide or take a look at our overview of postgraduate funding in Scotland.

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